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Baillie Gifford & Co

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Gabriele Balysevaite

Gabriele Balysevaite

Technical Infrastructure Placement

The Right Choice

I had received placement offers from other firms, but it was Baillie Gifford that stood out. The people I met throughout the application process were friendly and informal, which gave me a glimpse of the culture I’d be joining. The rotational scheme also appealed to me. It would give me the opportunity to see the whole process from a variety of angles, letting me explore different potential career options and discover where I’d be best suited.

Support and Guidance

Baillie Gifford is quite different from university. You’re not just handed the information – here you have to work out what the problem is and find the solution. But it’s not daunting as there’s always someone more experienced with you. Everyone is happy to answer questions or show you how things work. I like this way of working as it’s rewarding when you solve a problem yourself, and yet you don’t feel worried when you can’t find the right answer.

New Challenges

There are many different applications and technologies to learn, and they are all linked together in different ways. It can be challenging to remember it all and how they work together. Not to mention that everyone in the firm has different levels of permissions for the systems they use. It’s a learning curve to get up to speed with that level of knowledge, but we always sit next to someone with more experience. Asking questions isn’t just acceptable; it’s actively encouraged. It’s how we learn.

Ideal Location

Living and working in Edinburgh has been a real perk of the position. Edinburgh is the perfect size, as it’s big enough to have everything you’d expect from a capital city, but small enough to get around easily. One of my favourite things about the role is that it only takes me 20 minutes to walk to work every morning. Plus, the office is so central, you can enjoy the city after work.

Gabriele Balysevaite, Technical Infrastructure Placement Intern 2018