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8.8 / 10

(based on 6 ratings in 2018)


"Baillie Gifford has a very team-orientated, close-knit and friendly culture. Teamwork and cooperation are essential parts of the role and socialising is very much encouraged through various social events being put on, which is a great way to meet new people and build relationships. The organisational structure is very flat and senior staff sit among junior staff. People are very approachable and open to opinions and ideas from colleagues at all levels."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"I would say this varies a bit from department to department but the company strives to have a good work/life balance on the whole and to be a friendly and welcoming place. The culture is fairly laid back and pretty cooperative so I certainly feel comfortable asking for help or admitting to any issues etc. I don't feel like I work in a strict hierarchy but am just another member of the team. There are plenty of opportunities to socialise and I have made a lot of friends."
Entry level, Edinburgh
"I think the culture at Baillie Gifford is one of its biggest selling points as an employer. The structure is flat, which gives way to a great deal of collaboration, and teamwork is a huge focus. Socialising among colleagues is encouraged and there are plenty of organised events to make sure this happens. I can't fault the social aspect of the business."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"Baillie Gifford is a friendly place with approachable colleagues. The hierarchy is rather flat, especially when it comes to investment discussions. We tend to work independently when constructing an investment case but investment decisions are made collaboratively after team discussions. There are many social events throughout the year and many colleagues are friends who meet after hours."
Mid level, Edinburgh


"We have a flat structure and work in small teams. There is occasional socialising, mainly among same year groups but quite a few annual social and sports events."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"The majority of employees are friendly and approachable, from top to bottom. Managers sit amongst team members, flattening the hierarchy and increasing awareness. Teamwork and co-operation are essential parts of the role and the majority of employees are aware of this. Socialising is encouraged through various social events but are sometimes relatively poorly attended."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"Generally very flat organisational structure: senior staff sit alongside junior staff and are approachable. Good opportunities for socialising but tends to be organic/occasional (e.g. lunchtime runs) rather than an expectation of a 'drinking culture.'"
Graduate, Edinburgh
"Baillie Gifford is a team-oriented, professional and enterprising company. There is a flat structure as the partners are people who are easily approachable and are open to opinions and ideas from colleagues of all levels. There are always social events that everyone is invited to, which is a great chance to network and meet different people in the company."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"The company has a very flat structure, you can potentially sit next to one of the partners. This is not a "corner office" environment."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"We all work together for the good of the firm. We strive to build long-term relationships with colleagues and clients. The structure of the company is extremely flat. Many of the partners work alongside other employees. Teamwork plays a large part in the company as there are often big projects running throughout the year. There are many social events organised by the company. Colleagues will also socialise together outside of organised events."
Graduate, Edinburgh
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