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Relations with Management

8.5 / 10

(based on 6 ratings in 2018)


"Managers are very accessible and approachable and are always happy to answer questions and to help."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"Managers are generally good and accessible. The biggest issue is occasional poor dissemination of information and little explaining of decisions. To be fair, management have begun working on this."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"Overall I've found managers to be extremely accessible. I've rarely felt uncomfortable asking for help throughout my secondments. Feedback is generally meaningful and constructive and I've never felt my efforts have gone unrecognised."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"There's a strong learning and teaching culture at the firm."
Entry level, Edinburgh
"Baillie Gifford takes mentoring very seriously. Every investment graduate will have a year-group mentor (a partner) and a mentor on the team. Some mentors are better than others and there is now a committee in place to share best practice and raise the overall quality of mentoring, performance feedback and recognition. The partners of Baillie Gifford make strategic decisions regarding the direction of the organisation. Their processes and decisions were not always frequently and clearly communicated, but that is changing for the better."
Mid level, Edinburgh


"Communication between all employees is very easy. Managers are extremely approachable. Official performance feedback occurs twice per annum. You have regular catch-ups with your Team Leader who will give you continuous feedback, praise and recognition. They expect communication in these scenarios to be two way and your feedback is extremely valued."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"Management sit with employees in an open plan office, and are easily accessible. Catch-ups are with buddies on a weekly basis and an assistant manager on a monthly basis. They are an opportunity to raise concerns and discuss tasks but provide little performance feedback."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"Managers are very friendly and approachable and always are available to ask questions."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"Management are highly accessible. We all sit together. Performance feedback is very good. Recognition and praise are hard to deal with in the investment management context, particularly because over-confidence is a source of under-performance. I think my performance feedback has been fair and accurate."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"Managers are very accessible and within the first few weeks I had already spoken to the senior partners."
Graduate, Edinburgh
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