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Patrick Miller

Patrick Miller

Business Operations

Transferable Skills

In order to get some work experience outside my degree subject, I completed one of Baillie Gifford’s summer placements in the Client Information Management team. During this time, I realised that many of my skills were transferable, so when I was told about the Business Operations Programme, I decided to apply. Much of my Chemical Engineering degree was analytical – looking at different processes to get the best outcome. You need to be adaptable, detail-driven and able to spot inconsistencies. These are all skills I’m now using at Baillie Gifford.

Training & Study

During the first four weeks of the programme you go through a standard induction where you receive department overviews from different managers and department heads. You’re given a general ‘introduction to investment management’, where you learn all about Baillie Gifford’s long-term investment strategy and, if you’re new to the industry, get the chance to ask lots of questions – such as ‘How does active management compare to passive management?’. It’s important, I think, to be able to ask anything that’s on your mind, and I always felt supported in this. We were also offered a number of professional training courses, such as presentation skills and networking.

Broad Experience

The rotational nature of the placement has given me the opportunity to work across many different disciplines and experience lots of different projects. During my time in the Information Systems team, I worked on a project to implement a new system, which streamlines all the post-trade processes. And, during my time in the Finance team, I helped with work to set up our new office in Shanghai.

Making A Difference

I’ve always felt encouraged to be myself and share my personal interests with others at Baillie Gifford. That’s why I’m now a member of the Environmental Sustainability Group, looking into the environmental impact of the company and how this can be managed. I’m also on the company’s ‘Charity of the Year’ subgroup, which helps to run various charity and fundraising events. 

Patrick Miller joined Baillie Gifford in 2018.