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Baillie Gifford & Co

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Scott Graham

Scott Graham

Application Development Summer Intern 2019

Recommended by a friend

I found out about Baillie Gifford through word of mouth as one of my friends joined the firm though the graduate training programme. I did a bit of research, and the company’s Shared Beliefs, in particular their customer-focused approach, really resonated with me. As I currently have a part-time job in the leisure industry, I understand the importance of putting customers first. The application process was very straightforward and relaxed, which really suited my personality and allowed me to show who I really am.

Big Change

I’ve worked as a lifeguard since I was sixteen so, understandably, I had some apprehension about my first office-based role. It’s a very different environment! But I was soon at ease as everyone is so welcoming and I was encouraged to ask lots of questions. It’s been interesting to meet people from different departments within the firm and get a better understanding of the business. So far, I’ve met with an Investment Manager, a Senior Trader in the Trading Department and the manager of Settlements Central Support. With the Trading department I was even able to help put a real trade through, which was very exciting.

Our Project

Currently I’m working on a project for the Client Department Support team. Our task has been to create an events management system from scratch, where ticket availability can be posted, people can express interest and then tickets can be allocated. It’s really satisfying to work on a real, live project from beginning to end.

New Skills

As part of the project we’re piloting a new web application template that has been developed internally and using Angular for the front end, which is a whole new language for me. It’s been a learning curve, but we’re given a lot of resources to support our development, such as access to online courses and internal workshops. I’m also inspired by our Tech Lead, who joined as a graduate trainee just three years ago and is already managing projects.