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Eby Oligboh-Anyadubalu

Trainee Solicitor

A Day in the Life of Eby Oligboh

8.30am: On the train into work, I listen to some music and check my calendar to refresh my mind on the plan for the day. I also take a moment to catch up with the other trainees on our WhatsApp group chat which we set up in our first week to help everyone stay in touch - as usual the chat is abuzz with what we have all been up to and plans to meet during the week. 

9.00am: As I make my way from the station to the office, I stop off for my morning coffee fix at Caffé Nero (conveniently right next to the office!).

9.15: Once at my desk, as I am working on different matters concurrently, I organise my emails into files to help me keep track of everything and set my priorities for the day. The day-to-day work in our team tends to be quite dynamic and within my first few months, I have been brought into a variety of tasks including the project financing of a port development in Georgia and a divestment proposal for a major African oil company. At the moment, I am mainly working on a complex reorganisation of a client's business in the EMEA region. I am responsible for tracking the information as it comes in and providing updates to the Senior Associate to help ensure the process runs smoothly. Therefore, after filing my emails, I go into the information tracker to reflect information that has been provided and identify areas which are outstanding. 

10.30am: As part of the of the reorganisation project, we have a weekly call with the client to run through the progress of each of the steps on the micro plan. Ahead of the call, I print copies of the information tracker for the attendees and follow up with legal counsel in the relevant jurisdictions to ensure we are fully up-to-date. During the call, I am able to observe how the Senior Associate and Partner interact with the client. I take detailed notes throughout, highlighting any actions which need to be taken and proposed timings. Post-call, I circulate the actions list to the team with an overview of the key points that were discussed. 

12.00pm: Around midday, one of the partners approaches me to let me know that an opportunity to attend an industry gas event had arisen and asked if I would like to attend. Of course, I accept the chance to represent the firm and gain exposure to the wider industry.

12.45pm: At lunch time, I pop down to F3 (the canteen area) to meet with the other trainees for a quick bite to eat - a few sweet potato fries and a burrito later, everyone is in high spirits as we catch up on how our week has been going and discuss weekend plans. 

1.30pm: Back at my desk, I respond to emails that have come in over lunch and ensure that the information tracker is updated. In the meantime, one of the Associates has requested that I check the articles of association of the entities in the EMEA reorganisation to ensure there are no restrictions which would prevent the transactions from going ahead and identify where shareholder approval is needed. Accordingly, I search online at Companies House to obtain the relevant documents for review. 

3.15pm: Mid-afternoon, I go for a quick catch up with one of my mentors who takes an active role in BakerEthnicity (the firm's initiative to promote greater diversity and inclusivity). We discuss about how I am finding things and any events that are coming up, and in particular an upcoming W-CAN event which the firm is hosting and where I will be one of the panel speakers, engaging in a dialogue with aspiring young black women looking toward a career in the law.

4.00pm: Having reviewed the articles of association, I have identified a few provisions to be flagged. I send an email with my findings to the Associate before heading over to her desk to discuss what needs to be done next. One great thing about being in the corporate department is the open plan which creates a very supportive environment, making it easy to approach colleagues and allowing interaction at all levels. Throughout the day, I find myself engaging with different people and even though, I am relatively new to the department, I have been able to feel part of the team quite quickly. 

6.00pm: After rounding up my tasks for the day, I pop over to the local meet up spot, El Vino, for a few drinks with the rest of the team.