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Brand Manager

I wanted to work in pharmaceutical marketing since studying Biological Sciences at the University of Birmingham. I have always been interested in biology but the lab work doesn't much appeal to me. I also have an interest in business so was naturally drawn to pharmaceuticals. I undertook various summer internships at other pharmaceutical companies / agencies whilst at university and this gave my CV the boost it needed for when I started to apply for graduate roles.

I wanted to work for Bayer as I knew how much of a key player they were in the industry and they seemed to have a great company culture from what I had read. They also have such a diverse pharmaceutical portfolio as well as interests in crop science, animal health and materials science so the opportunities were vast.

I applied to the General Medicine Sales and Marketing Graduate Leadership Programme whilst in my 3rd year of university and started in September 2018. My grad scheme consisted of two rotations; 9 months in sales and 9 months in a brand team. My main interest currently is in marketing but I can't stress enough how important the sales experience was for my role in the brand team - being in the field and having interactions with customers allows you to be truly customer centric when creating marketing materials/campaigns. Whilst in sales, my job was to see customers and promote our product to them. I had to organise meetings, do presentations, face-to-faces etc. It was a really challenging role but I really enjoyed the freedom of the role and the customer-facing nature of it. I spent more time in marketing where I took on the role of 'Junior Brand Manager' where I supported the Senior Brand Manager carry out the brand plan by creating a huge range of marketing materials. These ranged from designing leaflets to project managing the launch of websites. I have thoroughly enjoyed my whole grad scheme and have had so much support and opportunites to learn and develop.

In terms of training, Bayer is constantly offering free training opportunities to help us upskill. I have been to Berlin on a week-long marketing training course, attended countless webinars on digital marketing techniques and am looking at undertaking a CIM course in digital marketing with the company.

The culture and working style of Bayer suits me perfectly. We employ flexible working here which means I can work around events in my personal life. Our office is very open plan and we hot desk which means its so easy to collaborate and interact with colleagues throughout the day.

I have had an immensely positive experience working for Bayer and absolutely love my job! I am now in a Brand Manager position looking forward to progressing through the company in the future.