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9.6 / 10

(based on 29 ratings in 2018)


"Interns are included in team activities both outside and within work. We also have dedicated events to network with other interns and other parts of the business."
Intern, Edinburgh
"Everyone's very friendly and it felt lovely to be a part of the team. I went to various team outings that gave me the opportunity to get to know the team better and were a nice end to the day."
Intern, London
"Interns are made to feel like a real part of the team. I was able to join a business trip and people are always very open to talk about anything. The mentoring programme also helps a lot if you have any questions that you don't want to ask your team. The culture is inclusive and open."
Intern, Zurich
"The office is quiet enough to focus, but there is always a nice buzz of conversation. Everyone has been very welcoming of us interns and there are office drinks every Friday as well as the occasional event during the week. This was great because I was new to Edinburgh and didn't know many people."
Intern, Edinburgh
"I felt like part of the team from the first day. I was included in office events, meetings and assignments but also in social activities after work. I went with someone from my team for lunch almost every day and we also liked to go for external coffee breaks or after-work drinks. I was very lucky to be part of a team offsite. I appreciated it a lot and it gave me a deep insight into the culture of an American company located in Germany."
Intern, Frankfurt
"The office was keen to welcome me when I arrived and I always felt like a part of the organisation. I like that we have lunch in the kitchen here all together one day per week. This sometimes includes 'learning lunches' held by a specific division."
Intern, Milan
"The culture is very inclusive, dynamic and open. All people are available to answer your questions and clarify anything you're unsure of. There are numerous activities organised outside of the office and interns are always invited to participate."
Intern, Milan
"I was made to feel completely part of my team. BlackRock's culture is one of inclusion and knowledge-sharing."
Intern, London
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