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8.8 / 10

(based on 29 ratings in 2018)


"I was assigned both a buddy and a line manager who both spoke to me on a daily basis and were very supportive. There is a very flat management structure at BlackRock so many team heads spoke to interns regularly."
Intern, London
"I had a buddy and a manager and both were very good at providing me with critical and positive feedback. I did get recognition for my strengths and my performance but also critical feedback."
Intern, Edinburgh
"We are assigned a buddy who is a more junior person and gives us advice on behaviour and attitude etc. We are also assigned a Dean who is a senior person."
Intern, London
"People are very accessible and take the time to respond to your questions. They also encourage you to take coffee breaks with them and other teams."
Intern, London
"I was assigned a buddy for integration purposes and all non-work related questions as well as a mentor for my assessments and all work-related questions. They both gave me very constructive feedback, were very easy to go to for any request and always helped me to understand the day-to-day activities better."
Intern, Madrid
"I was really happy with my manager because I was able to work on my own but always had feedback and support from not only him, but also from my whole team."
Intern, Milan
"All of the employees are very accessible and encourage interns to interact with them. I feel like the supervisors were really dedicated to making the interns feel included and recognised."
Intern, London
"My manager has been fantastic. We had an end-of-day meeting every day for the first two weeks just so that we had some time to go over all the questions we had. As time went on, we felt more autonomous while still knowing we could always reach out if needed."
Intern, London
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