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"There were lots of internship networking events to meet other people and learn more about the company."
Intern, London
"Free dinners are always a bonus. I also had the opportunity to go to Stratford and do some bowling, which was very fun!"
Intern, London
"There are free dinners if you need to stay past 7.00 pm and you can take time off at a later date if you work extended hours. Interns also get a few free breakfast and lunch events. We also have access to Perks at Work, which offers discounts on healthcare, shopping and electronics etc."
Intern, Edinburgh
"We have a kitchen where there is a coffee machine, cookies and dried fruits for free."
Intern, Madrid
"We have a ping-pong table on our floor and a bunch of board games available to employees. There's also a free coffee machine."
Intern, London
"There are many perks for full-time employees here that I have not had the chance to use, such as healthcare or discounts and free dinners. The most surprising one is flexible time off, meaning that the number of holidays is not restricted."
Intern, London
"There are discounts for the cinema, online shopping and other activities for all BlackRock employees."
Intern, London
"There are employee discounts for a number of products, holidays and cinema tickets."
Intern, London
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