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8.4 / 10

(based on 29 ratings in 2018)


"The general training involved shadowing other team members to learn about the team. I also had multiple sessions with other parts of business operations to help me understand more about the business."
Intern, Edinburgh
"Training has been very good, both formal and informal. If I wanted to learn about another area, all I had to do was ask and I would have a meeting set up with another department. I also received some online training for some legislation and regulation, though this was quite lengthy and boring. Shadowing my mentors was pretty helpful and this allowed me to understand the role better."
Intern, London
"You receive as much training as you ask for. When you ask people to give you introductions or a deeper insight into certain subjects they are more than happy to show and tell you more about certain topics."
Intern, Frankfurt
"The internship started with three days of training in London where they gave us a couple of classes on the company, its values, its history and asset management in general. After that, I was trained in doing the job better in order to learn as much as I could in two months."
Intern, Madrid
"The training was excellent. The whole of the first two weeks were dedicated to getting me up to speed on both financial knowledge and BlackRock's internal systems. Many people from different teams stepped up and gave us some of their time to talk us through what they do."
Intern, London
"I have been trained in using Bloomberg, Excel and Morningstar. These are very useful tools that I used on a daily basis."
Intern, Milan
"I attended three days of training in London, during which I acquired the basics of asset management. I attended multiple video conferences during the internship that helped me to learn a lot about the business and the products. I was also able to practise my presentation skills."
Intern, Milan
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