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7.6 / 10

(based on 18 ratings in 2018)


"There are many opportunities for career progression upon qualification, particularly if employees are good at business development and the technical aspects of their jobs."
Graduate, Birmingham
"I am currently on a two-year grad scheme so am working towards a qualification. Once qualified, I hope to move up the ranks in the company. I have a lot of interaction with people of varying seniority within the company and so I know what is expected at each level."
Graduate, London
"There is a fairly standard pathway up the firm."
Graduate, Ipswich
"Opportunities can vary depending on which department you work in."
Graduate, London
"Promotion prospects are offered every year. The process is very transparent."
Graduate, London
"There is a clear understanding and sequence to work through."
Graduate, Chester
"We have a clear organisational structure and goals."
Graduate, Canbridge


"I have witnessed some graduates get qualified to become surveyors and then get promoted to senior surveyor in the space of six months. If you work hard and are good at what you do then you will be rewarded. The business offers you the scope to grow as a professional and rewards employees for their hard work."
Graduate, Birmingham
"Graduates usually progress to surveyor quickly after qualifying. This is followed by promotions every couple of years if appropriate and deserved."
Graduate, London
"It really depends on what department you want to work in. Niche areas of the business have a lot more promotion opportunities. Transaction business lines tend to be more based on the amount you bill each year."
Graduate, London
"It depends on the business needs upon qualification."
Entry level, Birmingham
"It's difficult to tell. There are many levels. To move from surveyor to senior surveyor is an example of where it simply depends on your experience and how long you've been doing the same job. But to move up to director signifies a position of greater strength and responsibility for a team. Therefore you won't just get a promotion to director based on experience. The opportunity has to be there in the first place (the current director either leaving or being promoted to senior director or above)."
Graduate, London (City)
"There are plenty of young employees (aged 27–33) who have managed to progress to positions such as associate director and senior director in a very short space of time. Clearly, there is potential to gain promotion quite rapidly if you are productive with regards to earning fees and forging strong relationships with clients."
Graduate, Birmingham


"It feels as though the senior levels of staff are brought in from other firms rather than being promoted from within. Progressing from say graduate to associate director level seems to run fairly smoothly if you can prove yourself."
Graduate, London
"Graduates get an appraisal once a year. If you work hard you can move up the ranks."
Graduate, Birmingham
"There's not much room for movement as a graduate but the process for promotion once qualified seems straightforward."
Graduate, London
"The promotion structure is quite transparent so you know where you stand and where you are likely to be in future."
Graduate, Birmingham
"I can only comment on what I have witnessed in the Birmingham office but from a graduate's perspective it seems that promotion possibilities have been very good for newly qualified surveyors over the past 12-18 months."
Graduate, Birmingham
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