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Green Initiatives

5.8 / 10

(based on 17 ratings in 2018)


"The Birmingham office is completely paperless, which is a great initiative."
Graduate, Birmingham
"We recycle in the office and the lights have sensors in them so are not always on."
Graduate, London
"There's a sustainability department but I don't have a lot of interaction with them so I'm unsure of their daily activities and plans for the future."
Graduate, London
"BNP are one of the largest green investors globally."
Graduate, London
"I am not particularly aware of any green initiatives."
Graduate, Ipswich
"We have lots of recycling and ensure that lights are switched off in the evening."
Graduate, London
"I'm very unsatisfied with the level of recycling in my office."
Graduate, Cambridge


"We are a paperless office."
Entry level, Birmingham
"I assume there is a strong motive to be green. We've recently had new bins to distinctly separate waste. But I don't see a lot of information about it."
Graduate, London (City)
"The office is paperless and a great amount of emphasis is put on providing the correct bins for recycling."
Graduate, Birmingham


"Noticeably, the company provided thinner paper for the printers."
Graduate, London
"There are recycling bins in the kitchen and no waste bins in office area."
Graduate, Birmingham
"There are a number of posters around the office and notes on our emails to encourage recycling."
Graduate, Birmingham
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