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"The company's so large that you can sometimes feel like a small fish in a big pond, which can lead to something of an individualistic culture at times."
Graduate, London
"Internal/administrative processes can be very time consuming. Workloads can get heavy at times and it can feel as though there is more work than we have the resources or capacity to service."
Graduate, Chelmsford
"There are few additional benefits such as gym memberships or similar."
Graduate, Ipswich
"Our IT systems are not always up to task and we work with strict bank regulations and guidelines."
Graduate, London
"There's something of a lack of holiday allowance and pay."
Graduate, Lewes
"There are quiet times when there isn't much to do."
Graduate, Cambridge
"The office I'm in has a very busy work space."
Graduate, Chester
"Being the only graduate in a regional office can sometimes be quite isolating."
Graduate, Sheffield


"If there is a situation where a department or an account need another pair of hands then a graduate is seen as the first port of call. There are good and bad points with this; the broader experience is worthwhile but the negative is that the constant changes in tasks can mean you don't have time to process everything to memory. Anyone interested in the graduate scheme must be flexible and understanding of this."
Graduate, Birmingham
"In a time of economic uplift, we seem to be not as busy as other companies."
Graduate, London
"Graduates not having mobiles."
Graduate, London
"Governed by banking laws. This means there are lengthy compliance policies to be completed."
Graduate, London
"The IT systems are a bit outdated. There is not as much transparency as there should be between departments, though this is improving."
Graduate, London
"Sometimes rotations have been changed at the last minute due to business need. This has not hindered my progression however."
Entry level, Birmingham
"Pay does not feel as competitive as it could be."
Graduate, Leeds
"Sometimes incorrect assumptions are made about your preferred rotational pathway."
Graduate, London
"On occasion, there can be a lack of work for graduate surveyors to chip in with, particularly in the first few weeks of rotating to a new department. That said, this ultimately depends on which departments you experience during your rotations."
Graduate, Birmingham


"Not enough networking events to bring the Regional Graduates and the London Graduates together – I feel it would benefit all graduates to be able to compare their APC progress with each other."
Graduate, Birmingham
"It's a large company and when starting out it was quite daunting in terms of the number of people."
Graduate, London
"The lack of integration between London and the regional offices."
Graduate, London
"The pressure on passing your assessments is quite high as we have a very good pass rate."
Graduate, Birmingham
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