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6.0 / 10

(based on 19 ratings in 2018)


"I am happy with what I receive. It is higher than some other graduates I know receive and I feel it perfectly suits the work I do. I would like to be able to have bonuses to reflect my hard work though."
Graduate, Cambridge
"Our pay is average for the industry."
Graduate, London
"It is in line with other graduate pay in similar places."
Graduate, Ipswich
"The salary is standard. Rent is expensive in London so it's difficult to save any money, but this is the way of most graduate schemes in the City. Our salary doesn't compete with the banks and accountants but the hours are far better and it is an interesting industry. Salary progression is a concern."
Graduate, London
"We get good remuneration compared to our competitors when you consider that the firm commits to pay for our further education."
Graduate, London
"I am happy. Obviously, everyone would like more but I think it is very reasonable for a graduate employee."
Graduate, Chester
"It's very reasonable considering the investment being made in us as graduates."
Graduate, Canbridge


"The BNPPRE graduate scheme salary is not one of the best in Birmingham, but it is enough. When a graduate becomes chartered the pay will increase by about 50%, which is a competitive salary. My attitude has been that the financial benefits will come once I become chartered and the priority has to be that I work for a company that will give me the support and experience I need, which is what BNPPRE gives me."
Graduate, Birmingham
"I feel like the pay is in line with similar firms."
Graduate, London
"For a graduate salary, BNPPRE pay well."
Graduate, London
"For a graduate level salary, BNP Paribas are up there in terms of competitiveness."
Graduate, London
"It is in line with other employers at this stage."
Graduate, London
"It is lower than other surveying companies but the training I have received is better than my friends at competitors."
Entry level, Birmingham
"It's at the market level but could be higher."
Graduate, London (City)
"Wages are generally competitive when compared to similar companies, although still not particularly high. However, the potential to increase your wages upon qualification arguably makes this worthwhile."
Graduate, Birmingham


"The base salary for a graduate is the same for all the companies, which I believe is quite low. Though, the bonuses can be very good, if you deliver."
Graduate, London
"They are competitive within the marketplace, although pay rises that come with career progression are not published - and this would be an effective incentive to progress."
Graduate, London
"The bonus scheme is very good but won't be something I have personally have the opportunity to fully benefit from until qualified. Pay isn't the best but as a graduate, the experience and tutoring you gain is as important."
Graduate, Birmingham
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