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Adam O’Rourke

Adam O’Rourke

Actuarial Graduate Scheme

In September 2018 I began my journey on the actuarial graduate scheme at Bupa. I started with a mixture of nerves and excitement as I was unaware of what lay ahead. The first week of the graduate programme was an induction where I was able to meet the other graduates, both actuarial and finance, and placement students. This induction aimed to increase our understanding of the structure and values of Bupa and how their purpose of ‘helping people live longer, healthier, happier lives’ is at the forefront of everything they do.

My first position was at Bupa Global where I was warmly welcomed into the reserving team and wider actuarial function. Here I was able to learn about their role and their processes and was soon responsible for some of this integral work. I believe this was an incredibly interesting start to my actuarial career as I was part of a complex business that has a significant footprint on the health industry globally, and within the reserving team I was introduced to very abstract actuarial concepts that enhanced my understanding from the very beginning. I have found this experience extremely valuable throughout my time at Bupa so far. Alongside work, I was able to regularly share my experiences with the other graduates and hear theirs over lunch or various social activities.

From reserving at Bupa Global, I moved into pricing at Bupa UK. This transition was a huge contrast moving from a, relatively new, global business to a more institutional company based solely in the UK. The move meant a completely new team and environment, but it didn’t mean a change in support. I was instantly part of the pricing and actuarial team in Bupa UK and involved in the analysis of pricing decisions that were being made. The year was broken up in March with the outbreak in the Covid-19 pandemic. With flexible working already part of Bupa’s culture, the transition into home working was instant and smooth. Equipment was distributed to ensure that every person was able to work effectively and safely at home. At this moment I began to really appreciate just how flexible such a large organisation Bupa is. With everyone now working from home, regular catch ups and Friday night events were established. This was a brilliant way to maintain connections and close relationships with people when the virus created such distance.

This September has marked the start of my final rotation and my final year on the graduate programme and I have now moved from Bupa UK into the Reporting and Capital team within Bupa Group. Being at Group, I am now able to see how all the work from the different business units come together to form the structure of Bupa. This pathway through the graduate programme was intended to develop our understanding of not just the actuarial functions but the whole business. Having these experiences and this exposure to all aspects of being an actuary so early in an actuarial career is rare and something I am incredibly appreciative of. I am now intrigued and excited for all the further opportunities that lay ahead from this point!