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Equal opportunities and diversity

We value a diverse workforce and the contribution that each individual makes to the firm. Our culture is open and collaborative and we promote an inclusive working environment, so that we continue to recruit, retain and motivate the highest calibre of people across the business. We want our people to feel that they can be themselves at work.
Diversity and inclusion are integral to our people strategy. The values set out in that strategy underpin all that we do. Our diversity and inclusion group is tasked with supporting the delivery of the strategy and meets on a regular basis to ensure our priorities are being met. The group is chaired by a partner and our chief people officer is a member

Our priorities:

In order to promote measurable change, we have a targeted approach to the diversity and inclusion agenda and have a published action plan. There are four key areas we have identified as priorities for the next 18-24 months. These are:

  • Gender diversity
  • Ethnic diversity
  • Supporting and developing our LGBT community
  • Wellbeing

Our memberships and partnerships:

We hold a number of memberships to support our diversity and inclusion objectives. We were a founding member of BYlaw, a network group for LGB individuals working and studying in the legal profession in the south west. We are members of Stonewall and Business Disability Forum and work in partnership with My Family Care, which provides resources and support for parents and carers.

We sponsored the Law Society's Diversity and Inclusion Charter biennial review for 2015 and have been completing the Charter for several years. It allows us to benchmark ourselves and our current initiatives to identify and pursue best practice. It also helps us measure the impact of our initiatives.

We play an active role in improving social inclusion and access to the legal profession, raising aspirations of young people in the local community. As part of our commitment to PRIME, to offer fair access to quality work experience, we run 'Bright Sparks', a bespoke work experience scheme open to school students from Year 10 onwards from a wide range of schools. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion, and achieving best practice, will result in positive changes for our people, the community and the legal profession as a whole.