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Dean Hockley - Carter Jonas

Dean Hockley

Surveyor Infrastructures, Birmingham (qualified Spring 2019)

If you are looking to become a surveyor, it can be difficult to imagine what a typical day ‘in the office’ looks like. So we decided to ask graduate surveyors, Dean Hockley and Emilia Atkinson, about what a day in the life of a Surveyor looks like for them.

A day in the life of Dean Hockley, Graduate Infrastructure Surveyor, Carter Jonas


In the morning I tend to wake up early in order to make a good start to the day. I normally try and incorporate some sort of exercise into my morning routine to start the day off well. My train ride into the office takes roughly half an hour where I’ll read a book, send emails or listen to music.

I aim to arrive at the office early, between 8 and half past to get through my emails before the rest of the office turn up. By my desk you will normally see a hot coffee and a bottle of water to keep me alert and hydrated.

I normally will have planned my next days’ work before I arrive in the office, this would see me dealing with aspects of compulsory purchase and valuation in line with property acquisitions. The emails I send are generally between client and agent, corresponding on appropriate values for acquisitions, access for maintenance or engaging with claimants regarding accommodation works.


Two to three days a week I will aim to be out the office and on site. With the current phase of work, I am mainly involved in recording the condition of property, prior to it being acquired or access being taken. I am regularly involved in site meetings with claimants, engaging over potential issues which may be caused through the lifecycle of the projects I am involved with.


Most afternoons I spend catching up on emails which I may have missed whilst on site. I also take the afternoons to assimilate the findings of my surveys and meetings into relevant documents which can be presented to and used by the client. My last task of the day is usually to plan ahead for my day tomorrow before I leave the office.


As a graduate, my evenings are taken up by lots of activities. I am involved in a local property networking group and enjoy socialising with my peers. I also enjoy getting the most out of my evenings by playing sport or going to the gym. Most importantly though, I aim to spend a few hours each week trying to progress my application and case study for my RICS Assessment of Professional Competence.