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Graduate Surveyor

Residential Pathway

What attracted you to a career at CBRE?

The scale and diversity of services offered by CBRE was my initial attraction. I knew that working at CBRE would give me the opportunity to take my career in any direction within the same company. I attended events at CBRE and meeting the staff really swung it for me. Hearing how they had developed their careers in CBRE and how many opportunities the company offers was a key draw. As well as the opportunities available, the level and quality of training makes CBRE stand out, the APC training but also ongoing training in all aspects of your career.

What have you enjoyed the most since working at CBRE?

I’ve most enjoyed being given the chance to play an active role on a range of projects from the first week, being given the opportunity to work on live projects has been very rewarding.

Describe a typical day at work

Each day varies depending on the type and stage of project I’m working on. In development consultancy we work with developers at all stages of a project, that could be making visits to sites at the concept stage or to completed developments. Each stage needs different work, during the course of a day you may be working on the pricing of a site and then meeting interior designers. The variety is huge!

What is your key piece of advice for someone applying?

Show imagination in your answers and demonstrate real interest in the industry by talking about your favourite developments or buildings and why you think they are special.