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In Hong Kong your ability to use English will determine whether or not you get into university and advance in a career. At Chatteris, we are fighting to break down the barriers caused by the English skills gap and empower Hong Kong students.

We believe that to engage students’ interest in learning English you need to develop a fun and creative English language environment which complements a school’s curriculum, both inside and outside of the classroom. In keeping with this belief, the Chatteris International Graduate Programme was established to expose local students to enthusiastic and innovative English speakers from around the world so that they can have opportunities to learn and use English every day.

By joining our programme you’ll have the chance to make an immediate impact on the lives of young people who need you the most while gaining transferable skills and experiencing life in one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities. 

Whether you’re thinking about becoming a teacher, looking to spend some time working for an NGO or hoping to discover what you’re truly passionate about, the Chatteris Educational Foundation is an excellent starting point for your career.  

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