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Adil Akhtar

Associate Network Diversions Planner

We’re proud to offer opportunities to graduates across all areas of our business. Thanks to our continued growth, we’ve got a diverse and vibrant group of graduates starting their careers at CityFibre.

To find out more about life as a recent graduate at CityFibre, we spoke to Adil, who recently joined us as an Associate Network Diversions Planner.

Adil, tell us about what you studied and where.

I did a degree in Sports Science at Hertfordshire and Gloucester. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but I loved sports. In hindsight, I would have preferred doing something like Computer Science!

How did you find the recruitment process here?

It was all done virtually, but I really enjoyed the interview process. I was lucky enough to be able to meet my team on my first day, which was great. Even though they’re super busy, my line manager and mentor will always take time out of their days to help me with whatever I need.

What’s your day-to-day like?

It sounds cliche to say ‘no two days are the same’ but here it’s actually true. I work in a divisionary role - so if there’s a new project planned that needs a new cycleway, or a kerb dropped, I’ll carry out surveys and figure out how we make it work. Even though I’ve not been here long, I’ve already been on a few site visits - it’s been good to get out of the house!

How have you found the training and support since you started?

The training has been great. I’ve been trained on a few different systems, such as Smallworld GIS, and I’ve been on lots of different courses, which has helped me get up to speed quickly. Being part of a wider graduate community here is fantastic. At the moment, we’re completing a step challenge - we’re aiming to walk 65,000 steps between us! It’s a great way to catch up with people and get to know each other while getting a bit competitive.

What are your career aspirations at CityFibre?

In the next 18 months I should be a Network Planner. There’s so much to learn, but hopefully in five years I’ll be a manager and I can work my way up from there. My line manager has been really good with helping me plan my career progression and map out my future. I can see myself going really far here.

What’s the best thing about working here?

The people. 100%. Everyone else on my team is very experienced and I’m learning so much from them. It’s also lovely to be part of the graduate network and speak to people at the same stage in their careers as me.

And how have you been #ChangingItUp at CityFibre?

I’ve only been here a short time so I’m just learning the ropes, but I’m definitely playing my part in CityFibre’s overall mission and changing up Britain’s communities. As I settle in, I’m sure I’ll find plenty of ways to change it up here!

Thanks for speaking with us Adil!