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Brad Earle

Graduate LOC Data Analyst

We’re proud to offer opportunities to graduates across all areas of our business. Thanks to our continued growth, we’ve got a diverse and vibrant group of graduates starting their careers at CityFibre.

To find out more about life as a recent graduate at CityFibre, we spoke to Brad, who joined our Network Optimisation department last September.

Brad, tell us about what you studied before joining CityFibre.

I studied Business and Information Technology at Leeds Beckett University after spending a year working in retail. I loved the whole course, but particularly enjoyed the Data Analytics side - I loved the way data helps you understand wider business, and it felt very people-focused, which appealed to me.

I graduated last summer and spent three long months applying for jobs - I thought I was going to have to move back home, and then I came across an advert on LinkedIn for a graduate position at CityFibre. I put my application together only to discover the advert had vanished! I’d missed the deadline. I reached out to CityFibre and explained how much I wanted to apply and they were really good about it and accepted my application.

The recruitment process was very slick - it was only three or four weeks from initial application to offer, which was incredible compared to some of the other companies I’d applied to. Getting the offer was a massive relief. Because some of the Covid restrictions had been lifted last summer, I was able to meet my line manager and some of the wider team in person, which was a great way to kick things off and build relationships with people.

Tell us a bit more about your role and what you’re working on.

I’m part of the Network Optimisation department. I handle and analyse data which the MDU team uses to inform their build plans. Within a month of starting, I was already providing the teams with valuable intelligence that informs the build. Having that much responsibility so early on was incredible. I’ve never been micromanaged - I’m assigned real projects and given the freedom to get on with them.

One of the key things I’m responsible for is the portal that helps us communicate with contractors. I look after all the supervisors’ dashboards, creating them, updating them and onboarding any new starters.

The information I put together is used across the business, right up to the Executive team. Thanks to data analysis, I can predict what our business might look like at the end of the year, which is used to inform key decisions. That’s a pretty great feeling.

How are you supported in your role?

When I joined, my line manager worked with me to help me understand not only what I’d be doing, but how it fitted into the wider business. This means I have a full view of CityFibre and can work easily across different teams, rather than just my own department.

The Learning & Development team here is fantastic. They have helped all the graduates at CityFibre to get to know one another by hosting quiz nights and other events. It’s great to have a network of people to speak to outside of my department, especially because we’re all at the same stage of our careers.

Within my department, we have very regular, informal catch ups. Even though we all have different experience levels, it never feels hierarchical. These catch ups have really brought me out of my shell, boosted my confidence and helped me trust in my own ability. I feel really happy at CityFibre - I love my team and the work I do is valued.

In your experience, what’s the best thing about working at CityFibre?

The work-life balance here is amazing. My manager always makes sure I’m working to my capacity, that I’m happy with my workload but still pushes me to facilitate my development. I’m able to continue working from home indefinitely, which is great. I don’t need to commute, I don’t need a car, and I can work the hours that suit me. Unlike previous jobs, I never get that Sunday evening dread - I’m happy to do my work and see the impact I’m making.

And finally, how are you changing it up at CityFibre?

I’m changing it up by providing vital business information to a number of teams. The work I’m doing isn’t just for my manager, but for the whole of CityFibre - it’s making a real difference. I get to work with lots of different people - we’re all pulling towards the same goal, there’s never any egos or clashes and everyone supports one another, which is a great atmosphere to be part of.