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Jaman Mustafa

Graduate Regional Marketing Executive

We’re proud to offer opportunities to graduates across all areas of our business. Thanks to our continued growth, we’ve got a diverse and vibrant group of graduates starting their careers at CityFibre.

To find out more about life as a recent graduate at CityFibre, we spoke to Jaman, who joined us as a Regional Marketing Executive last autumn.

Jaman, where did you study before joining CityFibre?

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do after finishing school, so I did a Foundation Course in Business Management and Accounting. After this, I decided on Marketing for my degree, which I studied at the University of Bristol. It’s the more creative side of Business, which I really enjoy.

I graduated last summer and started looking for a job, which wasn’t easy during the pandemic - I lost count of how many applications I sent. I discovered CityFibre by chance. I’d never heard of them before, but I saw an opportunity on Indeed. The salary looked too good to be true, but I took a shot and applied. The recruitment process was really quick - I had a call back a couple of days later, completed a pre-recorded video interview, then had a video interview with my manager, completed a writing task and a few days later I was offered the job. During the video interview, my internet was terrible, but my manager was really understanding - they actually told me afterwards they were impressed with the way I stayed composed!

What does your role involve?

I cover a regional area - South West Britain is my patch. Every day is different. There’s no set routine, which keeps things interesting. I deal with lots of different cities, so I get to speak to a lot of people every day. One day I might be creating and managing a new marketing plan, and another I could be exploring creative ways to connect with people on the ground. There’s a lot to take in and learn, and it’s been really enjoyable. Last week, I set up and ran a photoshoot with some of our Build Managers, which was great fun. And not long ago, I conducted an interview with Greg, our CEO, for an event about Women in STEM. I was a little nervous but he was lovely!

My role is never boring - new opportunities pop up all the time, so I’m constantly learning and broadening my experience.

How did you find joining CityFibre virtually?

It was definitely a bit strange starting a new job remotely, but everyone has gone above and beyond to make me feel welcome. As soon as I accepted the job, I got messages on LinkedIn from team members congratulating me, which was lovely. When I started, lots of people reached out to me to get to know me and have a chat - everyone really looks out for you here; if you need help you can always ask.

How have you continued to be supported?

My manager knows me really well and always has my back. I also have a few different mentors who are helping me navigate working life, the telecoms industry and CityFibre as a whole. They’re always on hand and ready for a chat.

The Learning & Development team have been great - they’re always suggesting new courses I might be interested in. I’ve also asked about completing a Chartered Marketing course and CityFibre are really open to letting me do that.

Being part of the Graduate Network is great from a social perspective. There are lots of events to take part in and it’s nice to connect with people at a similar stage to me.

And finally, how are you changing it up at CityFibre?

Firstly, by being part of so many different events. It really keeps you on your toes and feels very different to other companies. The work we’re doing feels really fresh. Secondly, the diversity here is great. I’m fasting for Ramadan at the moment, and after I posted about it on LinkedIn, loads of my colleagues got in touch to support me, ask questions and just find out more. People here are so open to getting to know you.