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Larissa Beck

Graduate Marketing Executive

Making a mark at CityFibre

As we roll out our world class digital infrastructure, our Marketing team plays a key role in bringing customers on board and helping our networks reach people across the UK.

To find out more about life on the Marketing team, and getting started at CityFibre as a recent graduate, we spoke to Larissa, who joined us in November 2020.

Larissa, tell us about what you studied before joining CityFibre.

I did a degree in International Business at The University of Edinburgh. I spent my third year studying in Barcelona, which was an incredible experience. It was doing the marketing courses there that solidified my career choice - I was able to experience digital marketing, customer behaviour, international marketing and the psychology of marketing. My original plan was to work abroad, but couldn’t due to the Covid pandemic, which also meant there were fewer roles available to graduates. I was lucky to find the role at CityFibre, which aligned with a previous internship I’ve done in a similar industry.

What appealed to you about CityFibre, and what do you enjoy most about working here?

What initially attracted me was the growth of the company, as well as how innovative it is. Things are changing fast, it feels fresh and everyone shares the same mindset. I also saw huge potential to grow and develop within CityFibre - that was a big draw for me.

Now I’m here, it’s a continuation of all those things. Everyone is so supportive - they want you to progress and seek out opportunities to make things better for your team. Even as a graduate, I feel empowered - there’s always the opportunity to attend events or take ownership of a task. Here, my opinions are valued and people genuinely want my input.

What does a day in the life look like for you?

Every day is totally different - I don’t think I’ve had two days the same since I started! A typical day, however, might start with a team meeting. I’m part of the Scotland and North East regional team, which is made up of Marketing and City Managers, as well as the new Regional Partnership Directors. It’s very inclusive - we all go around and take turns to say what we’re up to that week, air any challenges and share any successes.

My manager and I are covering all seven of the Scottish cities we’re building in, and recently, she told me I could take the lead on Glasgow, which felt like a huge moment. So that’s my focus at the moment - I’ll attend the weekly city performance calls, give updates from our side and stay updated on how the build is progressing. If there are any changes I’ll schedule pre-build communications and notify people of what we’re doing. It’s a big responsibility!

How has CityFibre supported you since you joined?

My line manager is always on hand - I feel comfortable asking her any question. One of our core behaviours is ‘back each other’, which is really important. I know I can approach anyone at any level and they’ll be open, welcoming and helpful. I also chat a lot with the other marketing graduates who recently joined - we regularly bounce ideas, share knowledge and catch up.

How have you found joining us virtually?

Much better than expected! I went in feeling a bit unsure of how it would all work, but there are lots of regular team meetings, catch ups and company-wide calls to keep you in the loop. So even though I’ve not met anyone in person yet, I still feel like a big part of CityFibre.

What are your career aspirations?

I would love to manage my own team. It’s amazing to see how quickly people can progress here, and all the different opportunities available. There are huge learning opportunities too - if you want to find out about another area of the business then you can.

And finally, how are you changing it up at CityFibre?

By being empowered and trusted with lots of responsibility, I’m changing up the industry for graduates. Traditionally, graduates have their hands held quite a bit, but here, I’m able to make an impact and see how my work is impacting our internal teams and our communities.

I engage closely with local communities and councils, educating residents and businesses about how CityFibre are changing things up and helping them to understand the amazing benefits that come from us digging up their road!

Thanks for sharing your experience Larissa!