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Graduate Procurement Analyst

We’re proud to offer opportunities to graduates across all areas of our business. Thanks to our continued growth, we’ve got a diverse and vibrant group of graduates starting their careers at CityFibre.

To find out more about life as a recent graduate at CityFibre, we spoke to Matt, who joined us last October as Graduate Procurement Analyst.

Matt, tell us about what you studied and where.

I studied languages at Newcastle University - Spanish, German and Portuguese. After I graduated, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do so I did a postgrad course in Business at the University of Manchester. Going from languages to procurement might seem like a big leap, but actually being multilingual is often useful when communicating with people on supply chains, so they go together better than you’d think.

What’s your day-to-day like at CityFibre?

Generally, I’m supporting the other members of my team with whatever comes up. At the moment, I’m working on a project to help us manage our contracts more efficiently. CityFibre is growing so fast - every day is different, which means I’m being exposed to a huge variety of tasks and learning very quickly.

What sort of support do you get here?

The development opportunities are fantastic. Even at the interview stage, I was told I could take Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supplier qualifications, which will be incredibly useful for my career development. The fact that CityFibre is so keen for us to do things like that is great. At other companies, people have to really push to get that level of development.

Have you got to know the other graduates?

Yes, we actually had a virtual get-together just last week, involving 25 of us from across the business. It’s been nice to get to know each other, especially as I’ve not been able to meet anyone in real life. I think we’re all getting together to do a quiz soon! 

What was your recruitment and onboarding experience like?

It was great. The recruitment process was very simple and straightforward. I enjoyed the pre-recorded video interviews - having time to prep my answers was helpful. During onboarding, I was exposed to lots of different parts of the business, so I got a really good overview of CityFibre. Everyone’s really nice here. The management team is great, and their attitude really trickles down throughout the business. In some companies, the leadership team is invisible, but here they’re involved in everything.

What do you enjoy most about working for CityFibre?

CityFibre’s overall mission is really interesting. I like knowing that I’m boosting Britain’s economy and making a real impact. Also, the flexibility here is fantastic. As long as we get through our work, we have a lot of freedom - if it’s sunny, our CEO tells us to go for a walk and get away from our desks. I can’t think of a better company to work for during a pandemic when we’ve all been working from home.

Finally, how have you been #ChangingItUp at CityFibre?

Here I have the freedom to properly plan my day. Before working at CityFibre, I’d be too tired to go to the gym at the end of the day, but now I take a longer lunch and go then. I’ve really embraced the work-life balance here and made the role work around me. Also, a lot of graduate schemes can feel like being back at high school, but here I’m treated like a core part of the business. There’s no micromanagement - I’m trusted to get on with my job.

Thanks for speaking with us Matt!