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Pro Bono

8.3 / 10

(based on 7 ratings in 2018)


"Pro bono opportunities are apparent but there is little pressure to get involved. I have worked on corporate projects for charities while others have gone further and advocated in sensitive family and capital punishment cases abroad."
First year trainee, London, UK
"There are a lot of projects. However, some partners will expect you to drop pro bono work for billable matters. I have been working on a project to have a client in Tanzania released from death row, either to freedom or to general population with his sentence commuted."
Second year trainee, London
"We can give our time to a free women's legal advice clinic, advising international refugees and death penalty projects in the US."
Second year trainee, London
"The firm runs a whole range of pro bono projects from outreach in schools to death penalty appeals. I have been involved in several school projects but admit that I would like to make more of the pro bono opportunities that Cleary has available."
Second year trainee, London


"Pro bono seems to be growing quickly at the firm. I've worked on a death penalty project in Malawi, a refugee application for an Iraqi refugee and a memo on transitional justice in the Middle East."
Second year trainee, London
"I am involved in a refugee assistance program and deal with several cases where we assist in filing the resettlement application. In addition, I am also involved in the Toynbee Women's Advice Clinic on Saturdays."
Second year trainee, London
"I worked on a re-sentencing project in Malawi following a court's ruling that the mandatory death penalty was unconstitutional. I've also been involved in a 'lawyers in schools' programme where I deliver lessons on different aspects of the law to local school students."
Second year trainee, Buenos Aires


"Pro bono is mixed at the firm, but one of the first projects I have been put on is pro bono which shows that the culture exists. But from what I hear not all partners are keen on it. Nevertheless, it certainly exists and is accessible if you want to get involved."
First year trainee, London


"All trainees are given the opportunity to be involved in pro bono. I have participated in the lawyers in schools programme and I have also undertaken ad hoc pro bono advice for small companies."
Second year trainee, London
"I have already been involved in a very interesting pro bono project, and there always seems to to be something going on in pro bono here at the firm."
First year trainee, London


"Pro bono range is improving. I have taught Citizenship in Schools, participated in a Law Society Black History month event, and worked on pro bono case work with LawWorks."
First year trainee, London
"As a trainee, I have had the opportunity to get fully involved in pro bono, as well as run one of the firm's pro bono projects. I currently administer a project at a school in Tower Hamlets, as well as taking part in various discrete assignments ranging from drafting articles for companies limited by guarantee to advising a charity based in Nicaragua."
Second year trainee, London
"Lots of projects are offered up to trainees."
First year trainee, London
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