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Clyde & Co LLP

Clyde & Co LLP

Equal opportunities and diversity

Clyde & Co is committed to operating our business in a responsible way. As a firm that has grown rapidly in the last 10 years we recognise the particular need to focus on our people and culture, ensuring we build a diverse and inclusive workforce. This is vital in order to deliver exceptional service and to provide our clients with modern solutions to their business issues.

Creating a diverse and inclusive working environment, where people from different backgrounds can thrive, is critical to the success of our global business. We are committed to ensuring that there are no barriers to progression, and that everyone is treated equally and with respect. Through collaboration with clients around the world, we understand and appreciate how important it is that our partners and employees both respect and reflect our commitment to diversity. In the last two years we have made significant progress in this area but there is always more we can do. We have been working hard to improve our policies and practices across the firm to ensure they support us in developing our culture in an inclusive way. Our key areas of focus are:
• Gender Equality
• Mental health and Wellbeing
• Culture and Ethnicity

We currently work with a number of different organisations such as Aspiring Solicitors, Bright Network and myGwork to ensure we are attracting a wide range of diverse talent. We are committed to improving social mobility and engage in a number of programmes to raise aspirations of students from all backgrounds. We are a signatory of PRIME, an alliance of law firms across the UK committed to improving access to the legal profession through an extensive and informative work experience programme. This is in addition to our use of the RARE Recruitment tool which ensures our recruitment process is as fair as possible, and that we don't overlook potential talent by indicating which students from low socio-economic factors have performed well academically compared to their peers.