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Interview: Tips & Advice


"The application process is fairly standard. To best prepare for the interview, really understand how a building society works and what values the company stands for."
"I'd advise potential applicants to really understand the CARES values when applying. More importantly, be you."
Entry level, Coventry
"I had to apply with a standard online application form and had to answer a question related to CBS. There was also a maths and English test, a telephone interview, an assessment centre, a presentation (that I had been given three weeks to prepare for) and then a face-to-face interview."
Mid level, Coventry
"The best way to prepare for the interview is to thoroughly research the organisation and understand all the different things we do, from products we offer to members, to the charity work in the wider community. Also, understand what we're proud of and why and be able to explain why this resonates with you."
Finance, Graduate, Coventry
"Know the values inside out. Think about what the key strengths you might need for the role are and come up with examples from your previous experience."
HR, Graduate, Coventry
"I started with aptitude testing before an hour-long telephone interview and then an assessment centre for about two-thirds of a day composed of a group activity, interview and telephone-based role-play."
Graduate, Wolverhampton
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