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National Account Executive

Why did you choose Danone?

I got the job after going through the assessment process 2 years ago whilst in my final year at university. I chose Danone as I attended an ‘Insight Week’ at the end of summer 2016, to be a Danone Campus Brand Manager during my final year. The insight week made me determined to get onto the graduate scheme. After the assessment centre I was told before Christmas I had got the job meaning I could enjoy the rest of final year with a graduate job confirmed.

I am on a structured graduate scheme - the Danone Commercial Graduate scheme. This involves one year in sales and one year in marketing. After the 2 years, you decide what you would like to do and ‘roll off’ into a role with high responsibility that requires this experience that the graduate scheme has given you.

What does your role on the Commercial scheme involve?

During my first year I was a National Account Executive for the biggest account, and was a National Account Manager for two of the smaller accounts. As an Executive, my role involved planning promotions, helping manage our field sales team, analysing the value and volume of our sales and monitoring competitors activity. As an Account Manager, I was building joint business plans, presenting to customers on new products and innovations, and building relationships with the buyers to grow and secure our range in their stores.

I’ve attended brand days, did store visits with buyers to help them learn more about the category, presented to sales team on new processes, organised charity events, built and improved trackers including value and volume sales trackers, and retro funding trackers.

What training and learning opportunities have you had?

I have received numerous training since starting on the graduate scheme. As a graduate group we received specialised sales training, and in my business unit we were also given further training by an external consultant. I was also able to go to a four day residential Negotiation course which prepared me for challenging conversations with retailers. Alongside this, there is continually online and on the go training you receive whilst doing day-to-day activities.

What do you enjoy most about you role at Danone?

The challenges, the culture, the people. Every day is different yet it is reassuring to have a routine with clear processes and structure and be a real business ‘need’.

Danone is a great place to work mostly because they employ great people, making it a fun place to work. We get to enjoy the obvious benefits – unlimited Evian and Volvic and yogurts in the office all day, as well as free fruit and massages. Alongside the day job there is numerous things you can get involved in and working on the business park is always fun too with events such as ‘It’s a knockout’ going on almost every week! Danone is able to celebrate success with great Christmas and summer parties and also provide a really good work/life balance.