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Jake Birrell – Sales Bio

Jake Birrell – Sales Bio

In my first placement at Certas Energy, I was exposed to all aspects of Sales – from taking the call and placing orders, to spending time with our Operations team, to going out and meeting customers face to face. From the start, I was assigned real projects with real impact.

My first placement has allowed me to be involved in a plethora of projects including assisting in the management of the region’s largest customers, researching and acting upon ways for the region to enter a new market segment as well as creating a way to effectively analyse the productivity and performance of the sales force. The level of trust placed in me has been outstanding and resulted in me being asked to be part of additional projects to improve current sales tools and management processes. One of the most rewarding factors surrounding the work I have done this year has been seeing two projects be distributed and implemented across all Commercial Sales staff in the company. There is no better feeling than see the work you do have a real impact.

The level of skill development you see from yourself throughout the year is astronomical. Being given the opportunity to work across a breadth of different projects has enabled me to become a more rounded salesman. The placement has allowed me to realise my weaknesses whilst at the same time giving me the opportunity to work on these alongside my strengths under the tutelage of the team around me and the coaching provided by DCC. This support can only lead you to be successful.

My next placement is in DCC Vital, part of the Healthcare division, so I am working with my Graduate coach to prepare to move from Retail & Oil to this new environment. Being able to work in two completely different industries in two years is something no other programme offers and is helping me to explore and establish a clearer vision of where I would like to build my future career!