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Why apply to Deutsche Bank? It leads the way in digitalisation

Graduates and interns in tech at Deutsche Bank are involved in cutting-edge FinTech projects.
I feel like I am working at the forefront of technology and the projects I’ve worked on have benefited both the bank and our customers.

Deutsche Bank is becoming a leader in digitalisation; it understands that it is the innovative use of technology and capitalising on emerging trends that gives a bank a competitive edge. If you join Deutsche Bank, you could find yourself working on advanced applications and complex architecture, designing and integrating application components or working at the forefront of AI or blockchain. Alternatively you may be turning data into business-critical insights. As the bank invests equally in in-house development and partnerships with other leading FinTech specialists, you will be given the insights, training, support and freedom to find innovative solutions and drive change.

‘If you are interested in both finance and tech, Deutsche Bank is the place to be,’ Stacey Sun, an analyst on the Deutsche Bank technology graduate programme says. ‘They are very good at taking care of your career goals; the support you receive is brilliant.’ On her one-year graduate programme, she has had two rotations, working first as a business analyst within market data and then as a software developer in a group working with one of the bank’s partner companies. ‘You experience both the technical and business aspects of the technology industry,’ she reflects. ‘It is good that they do this, as it helps you decide on your future career paths. Deutsche Bank actively promotes agility in its graduates.’ We sat down with her to discuss more about life within tech at Deutsche Bank.

My experience on the Deutsche Bank graduate programme

‘At the forefront of technology’

I feel like I am working at the forefront of technology and the projects I’ve worked on have benefited both the bank and our customers. On one of my projects, I’ve been working with a leading tech firm to create client onboarding platforms for our global transaction banking teams. It means that we can put information regarding a client into a single entity for different teams to access, ensuring a more joined-up customer service. Client centricity is one of our key values and we always approach work from our customers’ point of view.

We have been able to do our own customisations so that the platform and apps can be used by different banking teams and in fact I’ve just created my first app, which has been an amazing experience. It’s going into production next month and it’s really exciting as it is going to add value. The best thing about the work is the constant change: we release a new version of our app every month.

‘A career with no limits’

When I started looking into banking, I could see that I could have a long-term career at Deutsche Bank: it is a global brand that offers opportunities across multiple areas of banking. What I’ve learned since I’ve joined the bank, however, is that there are no limits to your career and that you should become comfortable trying out new things. If you don’t know much about an area before you start, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do it – I thought I was more of a business analyst person but now I’m creating my own apps and considering a career in development.

‘Always encouraged to learn’

The bank has provided ample support in terms of training and you are always encouraged to learn new things. I had two months’ orientation before joining my first rotation, which included a mixture of very technical and financial/economic topics. Deutsche Bank is aware that not everyone comes from the same academic background and the training gives you the terminology you need to communicate across the bank. You are then provided with relevant courses on your rotations: in market data I had training on data security and detecting money laundering, for example.

I have also been able to learn from others within my teams. I’ve found that if you have an issue, someone will help you solve it or find someone who can. I am a person who tends to not want to bother others too much, but people are always willing to help. The great aspect of working with another leading tech firm is that I’ve been able to learn about the skills and technologies other companies are using, too.

‘Brilliant management and mentoring’

I was assigned a buddy and before I even started they reached out to welcome me and give me advice. I would email lots of questions and they replied very quickly. This initial support was brilliant. When I joined I was given a very good manager who has helped me to work out what I should do if I want to learn more and to try out different roles.

Graduates are also given mentors who are often a senior person from a different division. My mentor and I talk about life in and outside of the bank and my career development. Like my manager, he is very good at putting me in contact with other teams who can help me arrange work-shadowing.

The great thing is that you can genuinely ask anyone at Deutsche Bank for a catch-up coffee and they will tell you all about their work and give you their advice. You feel like you have done several jobs after talking to people!

‘Making friends’

I got to know all of the other graduates well during our induction. It was natural that we became good friends. We go out after work and next week we are going to play volleyball. I’ve also made friends with my wider teams on rotation. It’s a very friendly place in which to work and a great place to start your career.

An analyst on the Deutsche Bank technology graduate programme
Stacey Sun
Job title: 
Analyst on the Deutsche Bank technology graduate programme

DEGREE: MEng electronic and electrical engineering with management

UNIVERSITY: Imperial College, London

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