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7.8 / 10

(based on 23 ratings in 2017)


"Graduates have a good status within the organisation and are seen as leaders for the future. There are many graduates in management positions that have also taken new graduates under their wing, which is refreshing and very helpful. To move up the ranks takes commitment, hard work and a little bit of luck that the right opportunity arises."
Graduate, London
"It's easy to get stuck in a certain position but, at the same time, if you seek out opportunities and make an action plan there is nothing stopping you from going higher."
Graduate, North West
"There are always opportunities to progress. Doing so requires you to demonstrate above-adequate skills and the ability to resolve problems in a timely manner."
Graduate, Rugby
"I have not yet finished the graduate scheme but I know of many people within the company who have progressed from it to have good careers in more senior roles."
Graduate, Milton Keynes
"You must be driven and push to move up the ranks. If you don't go over and above what people expect of you, you'll find it difficult to be promoted."
Graduate, Daventry
"Graduates come in at a higher level, which is positive. Expect to move up a rank every two or three years if you are hard-working and good at what you do. There is still an element of 'who you know' so having good relationships with executives can help."
Graduate, Stoke-on-Trent
"All of the past graduates I've met in the business have accelerated quickly to key roles. There is also wide scope to move abroad to one of our other regions globally. It's still very much a 'who you know' kind of business but the internal jobs board is updated regularly with roles across the company."
Graduate, Daventry
"I have been told that there are opportunities to move up in the organisation and there are plenty of examples of ex-graduates who have worked their way up. I think the message is that, if you work hard at what you do, there is plenty of scope to progress higher."
Graduate, Manchester


"It very much depends on the site and contract you are on. As long as you work hard it's a meritocratic company and you will be promoted."
Supply Chain, Graduate, Stoke on Trent
"At this company it's all about leveraging your own potential – you have to make your own opportunities. Nothing gets handed to you just because you are a graduate and this is really important to remember. Network, get yourself known in the business, research jobs and find a mentor. You will soon find yourself getting that next promotion. I have recently secured my permanent job from the grad scheme and can already see the promotion potential. If you speak to your manager and make it known what you hope to gain out of your career, they will be supportive of you."
Supply Chain, Graduate, Staffordshire
"Decent possibilities for moving up if you are willing to relocate."
"Due to the sheer size of the organisation, you need to remain flexible about where you are located. Promotion is certainly possible for individuals with the right drive and mentality."
Graduate, Daventry
"Seeing former grads just a few years older than me in management positions is very encouraging."
Graduate, London
"The company knows it needs energetic individuals. So long as you put the effort in, the opportunity is there. Network and go out to look for the opportunities."
Graduate, Coventry
"So far it seems that this is very easy to do. If you're right for the role, you will be in with a good shot to go for it. I was promoted into a more senior role after just three months at DHL where I managed a team in the department. This was great for my development."
Graduate, Milton Keynes


"Promotion is based primarily on merit and if you do a good job this will be recognised. Many former graduates have risen rapidly through the ranks. It is of course important to network and impress the right people in order to progress. Making your work visible to these key individuals is sure to get you noticed."
Graduate, Rugby
"The company is always growing so there are always opportunities. There is an element of luck and being in the right place at the right time however hard work and good performance will be quickly recognised and play the significant factor."
Experienced, Midlands
"I think once you have built enough experience in supply chain/logistics it is easy to move into promotions/management. Certain career paths e.g. in project management require certain training but if you express this interest it is unlikely that the business will not support you in this. I have also seen that it is common for managers to take "side-steps" in their career, to move into a different division or function in the business e.g. from Law to HR or Ops to Central Functions."
Graduate, Daventry
"I applied for a Commercial Manager role during my second placement thinking I wouldn't hear anything and ended up being offered the role! So the opportunities for promotion are there if you want them badly enough! The feedback from my interview was that I had the drive and want to succeed and that's what helped me be chosen for the role."
Graduate, Birmingham
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