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7.1 / 10

(based on 23 ratings in 2017)


"I am treated well by all and believe others treat one another properly also. There is very little socialising outside of work though."
Graduate, Crick
"For such a complex organisation, senior management is very approachable and always open for inquiries."
Graduate, Rugby
"In my opinion, DHL is a very helpful and friendly organisation. I have not yet come across a single person in any department who has not been helpful. The structure and hierarchy is very similar to most other organisations and I do feel that the ideas and perspectives of all employees, from top to bottom, are taken very seriously. Graduates occasionally meet up after work and my team also socialises outside of work on occasion."
Graduate, London
"We have a dedicated communications officer on site who always ensures that there is something happening on site. This ranges from fundraising to sports to general silliness to boost morale. The staff seem to be very engaged and participate in a lot of it. The structure at my depot follows a generic top down hierarchy. Despite the structure being generic, I feel the interaction between the levels is anything but. I can walk into the general manager's office and have a causal chat. Work goes a lot smoother if you feel like you can have a beer with anyone."
Graduate, Worcester
"Management are very helpful and get involved. It's a very friendly environment and everyone is happy to help each other out as teamwork is very important in our office. There are team meals and events outside of work organised by management. We also have a social committee run by members of staff who organise events both inside and outside of work."
Graduate, Birmingham
"There is a good atmosphere within the teams and divisions, though few events outside of work take place in my office."
Graduate, Rugby
"A lot of people tend to work in isolation from the rest of the business but, to its credit, the company is going to great effort to change this. The majority of people I work with are friendly, engaging and willing to help out with projects outside of their usual remit."
Graduate, Daventry
"The hierarchy among my team is minimal so there is a fantastic team culture and strong work ethic in the group."
"There is a good work culture in Manchester, where everyone is friendly and easy to work with. There isn't a prejudice against graduates from anyone I work with or, as far as I can tell, anywhere else in the business. There are also a number of social events that run throughout the year, which are always great to get involved in."
Graduate, Manchester


"It's very good at work. Colleagues are friendly and helpful. There isn't much socialising or many after work activities, though."
Graduate, Northampton
"As most colleagues live far away from each other, socialising is not easily organised. The teamwork is to a high standard, though."
Supply Chain, Graduate, Stoke on Trent
"The hierarchy is very small within my team so it's great that I can easily build a good relationship with my second and third in command. There's a very strong work ethic as we often have to work with challenging customers and contracts that require a lot of dedication. That being said, we are very social and there is a good atmosphere within the team to keep things light-hearted."
Supply Chain, Graduate, Staffordshire
"Colleagues are all very friendly and often socialise together. Senior management are approachable with a mostly open-door policy and a reasonably shallow hierarchy."
Graduate, Daventry
"We have our own on-site HR rep who organises events and internal news. I have had great exposure to senior management from attending management meetings. The opportunities are there, but you cant be afraid of asking."
Graduate, London
"People do what is asked of them, but it can take a few emails and a bit of chasing before it gets done. This is a factor in a lot of large companies. Generally, the culture is relaxed and allows you to represent your area in front of very senior people without feeling nervous, which is great."
Graduate, Milton Keynes


"In the department I am now in the culture is excellent, with certain individuals spending a lot of time and effort in bringing us together as a team."
Graduate, London
"The culture is very open and while the structure and hierarchy is traditional, it is not strict. It is not uncommon as a graduate to be working directly with directors/VPs. There is a good amount of socialising out of work and a good work/life balance. Being a global business, we are probably ahead of the curve in diversity and respecting differences."
Graduate, Rugby
"The company does not have a consistent culture due to its involvement across many different sectors and countries. Also many employees have been brought into the company through mergers and acquisitions, resulting in widely differing backgrounds and experiences amongst staff. This problem is currently something which the company is trying to address. Generally it is difficult to foster co-operation and socialising amongst employees because of their wide geographic spread (both homes and place of work) and the de-centralised, flexible working practices that have been widely adopted by the business."
"The structure is very clear on-site, with only three levels in the hierarchy at site level from operative to site manager. The culture on-site is friendly and relatively relaxed, I feel that the team are approachable and helpful - people are always willing to help you when you ask. Outside of work, colleagues are very sociable where evenings out and other activities are organised on a regular basis."
Graduate, Daventry
"I get on really well with all my colleagues and haven't really come across anyone in my close working environment that I haven't got on with. The management teams are keen to look after their staff and don't mind spending money in order to improve working relationships/cultures, etc."
Graduate, Birmingham
"The culture of DHL is hard to describe as the company is so vast and there are so many roles across the company. The specific culture of my office though is action-oriented - driven by getting stuff done! There are of course a minority of people on every site with a bit of an "us vs management" mentality but on the whole the culture is good."
Graduate, Coventry
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