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Fun Facts


"If you look in your kitchen or bathroom cupboards, the chances are that a DHL employee will have touched the products in there at some point."
Graduate, Manchester
"DHL reaches even the most remote locations. This does mean that sometimes even a camel is required to deliver a shipment."
Graduate, London
"We help transport endangered animals for breeding programmes."
Marketing, Graduate, Milton Keynes
"They handle 80% of the goods that are sold on Oxford street."
Graduate, Worcester
"Every can of Carling in the UK has been in our central depot."
Graduate, Birmingham
"We supply all the food on the British Airways flights from Heathrow and supply the Met police with their uniforms."
Graduate, Milton Keynes
"They use elephants to transport items in Africa."
Graduate, Daventry
"DHL have a disaster response unit that are called into action whenever there is an earthquake or tsunami etc around the world."
Graduate, Stoke-on-Trent
"We have operations in almost every kind of industry you can imagine, from pharmaceuticals to ship engines, from loading planes to supplying prisons. I'm still learning about all the things we actually do with our customers globally."
Graduate, Daventry
"We employ over half a million people around the world, not a lot of companies can say that!"
Graduate, Milton Keynes


"DHL is not only trucks and warehouses. DHL provides parts to the assembly line at an automotive plant, uniforms to police officers in London, catering to planes and trains and much, much more. It's a really interesting organisation to work for."
Graduate, Northampton
"DHL provides logistics to 80% of Oxford Street's retailers."
Supply Chain, Graduate, Staffordshire
"We operate in over 220 countries and territories."
Graduate, Daventry
"We aren't yellow and red but red and yellow."
Graduate, London
"DHL is the largest logistics company in the world with 8% of the market share. We are effectively twice the size of our nearest competitor."
Graduate, Coventry


"DHL operates the postal system within Germany."
Graduate, London
"The DHL Supply Chain (UK & Ireland) workforce totals over 40,000 people, working across 400 sites and covers a warehousing area of over 5,300,000 sq. ft.​"
"DHL operates in over 220 countries and territories across the globe."
Graduate, Daventry
"As employees we get discounts at Wetherspoons!"
Graduate, Birmingham
"DHL stands for Dalsey, Hillbolm and Lynn - The founders."
Graduate, Birmingham
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