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Green Initiatives

8.7 / 10

(based on 23 ratings in 2017)


"The company has pledged to become carbon zero by 2050, which will be a huge feat in the logistics industry. We currently test and operate certain hybrid and electrical trucks and are looking to move in that direction in the future. The company runs a cycle to work scheme and receive a discount when buying a bike. There are lots of green initiatives as part of the GoGreen campaign and lots of opportunities to get involved."
Graduate, Manchester
"I think the company has good intentions but the implementation still needs improvements."
Graduate, Rugby
"Given the industry that DHL operates in and the amount of truck/plane/ship travel that is required, DHL is aware of its carbon footprint. With our current business strategy, DHL is trying to offset its entire carbon footprint and become carbon-neutral by 2050."
Graduate, London
"We are reminded to turn off our computers and monitors every day. There are recycling bins in the office and we also have a green community that runs a variety of events."
Graduate, Birmingham
"There are company-wide initiatives to help individual sites make a difference."
Graduate, North West
"The site complies with DHL's GoGreen initiative and promotes environmental awareness. Electric car charging points are available on site."
Graduate, Rugby
"We have whole sectors of our business focused on improving our own and our customers' environmental impact with long term goals of being carbon neutral as a global company by 2050. While this is a lot of time, it's still a massive challenge."
Graduate, Daventry


"The company is very committed to reducing its carbon footprint as much possible."
Supply Chain, Graduate, Stoke on Trent
"There's been investment in green vehicles and attempts to make it easier for customers to see their impact with us and work together to reduce it."
Graduate, Daventry
"I introduced a building-wide recycling initiative that the whole of management helped to implement."
Graduate, London
"We have GoGreen initiatives and green warehousing. We've also reduced fuel consumption through altering driving styles."
Graduate, Nationwide


"The company has a GoGreen strategy which is reported against and taken seriously, with GoGreen commitments built into many KPIs."
Graduate, Rugby
"As a provider of goods transport services, the company is very keen to reduce fuel costs and make its vehicle fleet more efficient, thereby reducing carbon emissions as well. It actively runs internal awareness campaigns on this theme and markets it as a selling point of the company."
"Some warehouses are carbon neutral. For example the one I'm going to work at in Normanton!"
Graduate, Birmingham
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