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Interview Questions


"I had lots of questions about how I conduct myself as well as questions about how I've been challenged in the past and the way I responded."
Graduate, Crick
"A lot of questions were about my experiences and how they related to the company. I was also asked what I could bring to the company and what my future goals were."
Graduate, Rugby
"Why do you want to work within the logistics industry? What do you know about warehousing, transport and JIT (just-in-time)?"
Graduate, Daventry
"I was asked about my previous experiences in transport."
Graduate, Rugby
"I was asked for examples of when I'd worked in a team, how I'd overcome a big challenge and what I would do if I faced conflict in the workplace etc."
Graduate, Daventry
"There were the usual competency questions, although I got a bit of a curve ball when the assessor, having heard me describe a management role I'd previously held, asked me to explain how I could directly translate that experience and knowledge into the career I wanted to follow in their company. Not too tricky a question but it caught me by surprise."
Graduate, Daventry
"There were the standard interview questions on my previous accomplishments."
"I had to give examples of times when I had been in a conflicting situation and a time when I had to work as part of a team. I was also asked how I would deal with a largely male or non-English workforce."
Graduate, Staffordshire


"If there was a conflict in your team, how would you resolve it? Why do you want to work for this company?"
Graduate, Northampton
"I was asked questions about leadership and overcoming difficult personalities. I was also asked about my own personality and how it affects me at work as well as what some of my biggest challenges have been."
Supply Chain, Graduate, Staffordshire
"The usual questions you would expect in a grad scheme interview. Look at the five DHL values – they base a lot of the questions around these."
Graduate, Coventry
"There are plenty of competency-based questions on the assessment day about working under pressure, managing a team and how to motivate people."
Graduate, Milton Keynes


"I was asked: How can you make a change to the warehouse and get colleagues on board that have been there 20 years and do not accept change? There were other questions which required examples of team work, management, using your initiative, people management, etc."
Graduate, Glasgow
"Interview questions required examples of times I had exhibited the behaviours/competencies desired by DHL. An example could be "Tell me about a time you have had to deal with conflict" A good tip is to describe the situation, what you did, what result this achieved and what you learnt from the experience."
Graduate, Rugby
"Questions in my interview included: Why do you want to join the company? What experience do you have of leading a team in the workplace? Was there a time when you were pushed outside your comfort zone? How did you deal with it? What knowledge do you have about the company? What knowledge do you have about the graduate scheme?"
"I was asked: Where do you see yourself in five years/What is your five year plan? Tell me about a time when you showed leadership. Tell me about a time you had to deal and resolve an issue within a team. How many TVs are sold within the UK each year?"
Graduate, Birmingham
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