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Interview: Tips & Advice


"Focus on the company's strategy. The strategy is being followed to the core and therefore the interview focus points are based around it."
Graduate, Rugby
"The application process was thorough and involved my CV, an application form, online testing and an assessment centre. Know about the company as many people underestimate the scope of what we do. Make sure you have lots of experiences to share, and relate to, throughout."
Graduate, Rugby
"Have something specific about DHL that you'd like to do or know more about."
Graduate, Worcester
"A general knowledge of transport goes a long way. Try to ensure that you have an understanding of logistics operations too."
Graduate, Rugby
"Do research on the company beforehand and prepare some examples for competency-based questions."
Graduate, Daventry
"Use the assessment centre as a chance to make an impression. I went along to an assessment centre as a graduate employee to help out and found myself having to force conversation with the candidates who largely just talked among themselves. Take an interest in everyone at the assessment centre as they're all there for a reason. While it's a great chance to talk to other candidates, hiding in a group while the assessors and current graduates are on the other side of the room isn't going to help your chances."
Graduate, Daventry
"Don't be nervous as we were all in the same boat. Research the organisation to ensure that you are up to date with the most relevant information. Be open-minded and make friends with people at the assessment centre as these will form a great network of people within the organisation both when you first start and for the future."
Graduate, UK wide coverage, with a Banbury, Oxfordshire base and at home working
"The first stage was an online application detailing my qualifications and previous work experience. The second stage was online assessments and these vary depending on which scheme you are applying for. The third stage was a telephone interview and the final stage was an assessment centre. The best way to prepare is to make sure you know the basic details of the company, including key customers, and an have idea of which business unit you would like to work in. It's also good to ensure you have examples of previous experience to hand."
Graduate, Staffordshire


"Read about the company (website, annual report etc). Practise interviews with somebody or record yourself answering standard questions."
Graduate, Northampton
"Be sure of your strengths in different areas and be aware of the current affairs that could affect the supply chain of today and tomorrow."
Supply Chain, Graduate, Stoke on Trent
"Research the company and understand the business. Show your passion – you need to make sure that you have a real interest in this industry. Prepare examples of things that you've done at uni or at work that demonstrate skills."
Supply Chain, Graduate, Staffordshire
"The application process is typically an online form followed by phone interview and then an assessment centre. In order to do well on the phone interview, make sure you understand the company and the work that DHL does (not just delivering parcels!) as well as its competitors etc. Also, prepare competency-based answers using actual examples. The assessment centre will likely consist of an interview and a few group exercises. It's hard to prepare for these exercises, so just try to relax and be yourself."
Graduate, Derby
"Competency-based interviews mostly, as well as assessment centres. Prepare by practising the S.T.A.R. method of answering questions and, cliche as it may be, remain confident and comfortable."
Graduate, Daventry
"Soft skills are incredibly important. Confidence and communication are key to conveying the skills you have."
Retail, Graduate, Bedford


"The interview process is a challenging and in-depth one, which is difficult to prepare for. There are three stages, an individual presentation, a group discussion/decision and a one-to-one interview. The best advice I could give is to try to display confidence without arrogance."
Graduate, London
"Be honest, especially about your motivations for wanting to work in logistics. The company is more interested in your potential than in past industry experience, but be prepared to show how you have demonstrated the core competencies DHL is looking for in your previous work experience or extra-curricular activities."
Graduate, Rugby
"Don't worry so much about the specifics of logistics, know how your skills are relevant to the company. Genuinely be yourself, they will see right through you otherwise."
Graduate, Birmingham
"Show your passion and enthusiasm for the business, as well as your ambitions for the future. DHL want people to grow in the business and make the most of their opportunity working for a global leader in Logistics. Make sure you have plenty of examples for the interview on how you've worked in a team, extracurricular activities, voluntary work, placements, etc."
Graduate, Daventry
"I have several pieces of advice: be confident, research general procurement tools and techniques and take every opportunity to participate in group discussions at the assessment day. Don't be nervous, standards are high but not impossible to attain, (which one may assume of a huge multinational company)."
Graduate, Normanton
"There was an online application, SHL style tests, a telephone interview and an assessment centre (including one face-to-face interview). To prepare use the STAR format for each competency-based question. Be confident but not overpowering in the group assessments."
Graduate, Birmingham
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