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6.5 / 10

(based on 22 ratings in 2017)


"I work centrally, so I am office based in a relatively nice and new facility. However, the nature of the industry dictates that the majority of the employees will work at a site/warehouse/distribution centre. These places can be really modern but they will not be in a city centre in a high-rise office building for obvious reasons. My dress code is business smart and some facilities/contracts will provide shirts and t-shirts."
Graduate, Manchester
"DHL will provide everything you need and more to do your work on a daily basis. However, the offices are not the most modern given that, at the end of the day, it is an office within a warehouse."
Graduate, London
"The building was renovated 18 months ago so it is a very modern location. We have a clean desk policy so the office is always very clean and presentable. There is the usual office dress code Monday to Thursday and we have dress down Fridays every week."
Graduate, Birmingham
"Being a 'trucks and sheds' business, the locations are not great and the buildings can be very dated. Within the office it is standard business wear with dress down Friday. When you go to the warehouses they require personal protective equipment, including high viz, safety shoes and possibly a hard hat and safety glasses. Each site is different."
Graduate, Milton Keynes
"The office space is very modern and professional with plenty of desk space for each person. The dress code is business casual with dress down Fridays."
Graduate, Rugby
"I don't work in an office. The warehouse is clean and tidy and offers reasonable canteen food (it is expensive, however). There is a uniform provided, consisting of a shirt and black trousers."
Graduate, Daventry
"The majority of the offices are quite outdated but some that I've seen (brand new obviously) are incredibly high tech and in great locations. The company is semi-formal so no one wears ties and the usual attire is a shirt and slacks unless you're meeting with a customer. There are also casual Fridays in most of the offices."
Graduate, Daventry
"The logistics industry is not renowned for its fantastic office spaces. It differs from division to division but, on the whole, I would say the offices are below average. We wear business casual attire unless we are client facing."


"The office depends on the location. Some offices look very nice, are well organised and have a good canteen. Other locations may not be so employee-friendly. However, the locations I have worked in have been good. Dress code for me is semi-formal (shirt and smart trousers)."
Graduate, Northampton
"The world logistics JCB site in Stoke is one of the coolest office buildings I've seen and I enjoy working there. The dress code depends on the role you are doing."
Supply Chain, Graduate, Stoke on Trent
"Formal wear Monday to Thursday and dress down Fridays. The office is OK, but it's open-plan with private offices running around the outside. This means that most of us don't have any windows and therefore no air or natural light."
Graduate, Daventry
"This is entirely dependent on the contract. The dress code is casual in warehouses but smart casual in the offices."
Retail, Graduate, Bedford
"My office is small, dark, over-filled and in need of a good sort out. There are no real on-site eating facilities. It's logistics, not banking. It comes with the territory."
Graduate, Coventry
"I love the office – it's a great location. The dress code is fairly informal (no tie needed) and every Friday is dress down. The heat of the office is the only downside."
Graduate, Milton Keynes


"Dress code is formal business wear, with 'dress down Friday'. The office space is comfortable, it's not particularly exciting but certainly functional."
Graduate, London
"All offices are equipped fine with the required facilities. They are a little short on computers but this is down to budget issues. All Operations-based employees wear a uniform. If you wish you can wear smart clothes if you are office based. It all depends on the type of duty you have. Warehouse work can be a particularly dirty environment so people do not require smart attire."
Graduate, Glasgow
"Generally our facilities are very good although some sites are a little 'tired'. Locations are not always glamorous and corporate. The dress code is fairly relaxed - business casual is fine for most situations, although many graduates in operational roles will wear site uniform and PPE."
Graduate, Rugby
"My office is very spacious, however there is no place to eat so we have lunch at our desks. Mon-Thurs the dress code is work formal but on Fridays we are able to dress down."
Graduate, Chester
"I work in a warehouse so not the most glamorous but the offices are still at a high level with fresh air, windows, good office equipment, etc. Everyone wears a uniform on site."
Graduate, Daventry
"Most of our locations are nice though there are a few needing a refurbishment. The dress code in the offices is mainly smart casual, however there are no jeans or trainers!"
Graduate, Birmingham
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