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One Small Change


"I would love a company car or a contribution towards a car. These can be expensive to buy and insure for young people yet we rely on them every day to get us to and from work."
Graduate, Manchester
"Invest in more efficient IT systems."
Graduate, Leeds
"A canteen in every office."
Graduate, London
"More training modules could be added."
Graduate, Milton Keynes


"More interactive sessions between the graduates."
Supply Chain, Graduate, Stoke on Trent
"Give graduates more input into second placement locations."
Supply Chain, Graduate, Staffordshire
"More training for line managers of graduates in order to provide more awareness of what graduates' needs may be and how they can be helped to develop."
Graduate, Daventry
"Better pay for the London-based grads would be appreciated."
Graduate, London
"Take more time in finding out what the grad will be doing in their role."
Graduate, Coventry
"More structure on the graduate scheme."
Graduate, Milton Keynes
"Improve networking between graduates throughout the scheme."
Graduate, Nationwide


"I think the company should ensure there is a specific role for each graduate before they start their placement, and also set out guidelines for the managers on site so they know exactly what to expect from a graduate."
Graduate, Glasgow
"I would like the company to give all graduates the opportunity to undertake an international placement/secondment to gain exposure of working in a different culture and learn from colleagues outside the UK."
Graduate, Rugby
"It may improve the scheme if the company were to give graduates more input into their second placement."
Graduate, Daventry
"Having a couple more check-ups throughout the year by the graduate recruitment team would be great. They are external to the placement and just being checked up on would be great."
Graduate, Coventry
Our 'Inside Buzz' reviews are the comments and views of recent graduate recruits, giving you a view of what it may be like to work for an organisation. Copyright of all TARGETjobs Inside Buzz material lies solely with GTI Media.