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Relations with Management

7.7 / 10

(based on 22 ratings in 2017)


"The graduate scheme has mandatory review meetings between you and your manager. However, I communicate with my manager on a daily basis about key projects I am working on in my current role. It does help that my manager has been a graduate himself and therefore supports the scheme very much. Most other graduates that I have spoken to seem to be in similar situations, but there are obviously one or two exceptions."
Graduate, London
"The managers are always available and very approachable. Communication is very good as we have daily emails, fortnightly team meetings and monthly office meetings etc. Informal praise, feedback and recognition comes on a daily basis with a formal version every other month."
Graduate, Birmingham
"Internal communication can be a problem as information can be passed on relatively late or with not enough notice. Praise and recognition is not too common, although it does occur."
Graduate, Rugby
"From personal experience managers are accessible and helpful when available. They generally have busy calendars though so scheduling meetings in advance is a good idea."
Graduate, Milton Keynes
"I believe that managers will give their time and help if you want to develop yourself. You have to be motivated to do a lot of work yourself though."
Graduate, Daventry
"Based on personal experience, it depends on the contract. Some management teams can be very supportive in helping you to achieve your goals and growth with managers who are very good mentors with great experience. Other management teams are less helpful, though, and simply use you to fill a position within the contract."
Graduate, Stoke-on-Trent
"There are the usual issues for such a large company where there is a disconnect in formal communication. However, from personal experience, I've found every senior manager I've met to be very friendly and happy to sit down with grads to explain more about their role or sector. In terms of my personal line manager, I couldn't have asked for a better one. We have a great rapport and work well together in terms of getting support when needed and getting air time with senior managers."
Graduate, Daventry
"From personal experience the managers I have worked for have been fantastic mentors. However, talking to other graduates, not everybody has received the same level of support. At my site, I have regular contact with my manager and they are always approachable so I feel comfortable raising any concerns or issues with them if needed."
Graduate, Staffordshire


"It's very good but depends on the person really. Most people I meet are very helpful and happy to engage but management is generally busy so it can be an issue reaching some people. The mentor I got was wonderful."
Graduate, Northampton
"It's a very open and friendly environment in which the door is always open."
Supply Chain, Graduate, Stoke on Trent
"There's little focus on feedback but there are reviews every quarter. How accessible your manager is depends on how lucky you are with your placements. I have been exposed to very senior figures in the business and developed important work for them."
Graduate, Derby
"I've been warmly welcomed by all levels and have built many relationships throughout the company."
Graduate, London
"A high number of senior managers put in a lot of effort with their graduates, but this can conflict with you moving around every year into different projects."
Retail, Graduate, Bedford
"The line manager I was assigned hasn't been especially active. However, I have been utilised by another within the business and she has been amazing. She's easy to talk to and I can go to her with any issues or if I require any support. No complaints from that perspective."
Graduate, Milton Keynes


"My line manager was previously my mentor. Working from a completely different site he can be a little difficult to get hold of, but generally he is accessible."
Graduate, London
"While it obviously depends on the individual, managers are by and large very open and accessible. I have had a formal mentoring relationship with a senior manager and frequently pick up informal advice from other managerial colleagues. Performance feedback is structured and good, and I am praised and recognised for work well done."
Graduate, Rugby
"I have found that managers across the company are very accessible and more than willing to help a graduate out."
Graduate, Birmingham
"I have regular reviews with my line manager which means we maintain good communication with one another. Other managers on-site are always willing to help me and give me feedback on how I've performed e.g. when I have chaired a meeting. I have a mentor from a different part of the business who is supportive and gives advice/guidance when needed."
Graduate, Daventry
"Most managers are really good. Senior managers are usually great communicators, highly competent and real "people" people! The managers I have had have always been keen to develop me in areas that I have stated I am lacking experience or skills, etc."
Graduate, Birmingham
"There is a very good management team who make encouraging mentors if you show you are seeking constructive feedback and are career-minded."
Graduate, Birmingham
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