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6.7 / 10

(based on 23 ratings in 2017)


"It's competitive."
Graduate, Rugby
"Compared to other schemes the remuneration is about average. However, I believe the career progression and learning opportunities at DHL far outweigh the importance of money, especially when starting your career."
Graduate, London
"It is fair, although I believe other companies in the industry pay more."
Marketing, Graduate, Milton Keynes
"The salary is standard for a graduate. The graduate contract states that there's no overtime pay other financial rewards. Some DHL contracts provide bonuses and other financial incentives to managers and I think that you should be compensated the same if you're doing the exact same work as other managers."
Graduate, Worcester
"The starting salary is good but 'pay journeys' exist so getting a higher salary is earned over time, not given overnight."
Graduate, North West
"I think it's appropriate for the role and there is clear opportunity for financial/pay progression through the organisation."
Graduate, Milton Keynes
"The initial starting salary is above average. Annual wage rises are below inflation though, which is disappointing."
"I think I am on an average wage for my role."
Graduate, Staffordshire


"The starting salary is good. I haven't had an increase yet but there will be a salary review after twelve months. However, I have heard that the increase isn't very high."
Graduate, Northampton
"As the living standards in Stoke are not as high as major cities, the salary is acceptable. However, for my colleagues working in London, it can't be easy."
Supply Chain, Graduate, Stoke on Trent
"Fairly well paid. I've no complaints."
"It was originally reflective of experience and skills. However, it is now somewhat under where I'd like it to be."
Graduate, Daventry
"For living in London, the pay is not bad. Some days, though, I feel that the work I do is worth more than I'm paid."
Graduate, London
"The salary is a good starting point. The pension fund starts low but has the potential to grow in the future."
Retail, Graduate, Bedford
"Not great for me. The operations programme earns less than the HR or finance programmes and we aren't funded to do qualifications. Also, if you work in London the pay is exactly the same as elsewhere in the country."
Graduate, Milton Keynes
"It's good pay for a graduate role."
Graduate, Nationwide


"When I first joined I was extremely happy with my salary, but 14 months later I have not had it increased, and the nature of the original contract was unlikely to include provisions for the cost of living in London."
Graduate, London
"I feel I am paid fairly for the work undertaken."
Graduate, Glasgow
"While the pay I receive is reasonable I feel I could be earning more elsewhere and that my employer could probably be more competitive in attracting graduate talent remuneration-wise."
Graduate, Rugby
"The graduate scheme salary is good. The post-grad scheme salary varies across business; I believe I am currently paid under market rate compared to our competitors."
Experienced, Midlands
"I feel I am reasonably well paid for an entry-level position, though it is perhaps slightly on the low side for a graduate programme."
"The finance scheme pay is great as it increases as you get more qualified."
Graduate, Birmingham
"I am a grad so starting on £24k a year seems fair to me - especially given the exceptionally reasonable hours I do. It was meant to be static for two years and that is in my contract, however I understand it will be going up in September (one year into the two year contract) which is very fair given they don't have to."
Graduate, Coventry
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