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7.5 / 10

(based on 23 ratings in 2017)


"The programme involves several graduate training modules across the two years. I have found them to be informative and useful, plus they are a good networking platform."
Graduate, Leeds
"Many options for training are offered. However, not so many are nationally accredited. The training options are subject to approval by line managers so are not guaranteed. Some modules (people management, continuous improvement, people engagement, career planning etc) are obligatory as part of the graduate scheme."
Graduate, Rugby
"All graduates are put on a training programme that covers project management, leadership, career planning and networking. All HR graduates are also sponsored to complete their Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development accreditation."
Graduate, Milton Keynes
"The majority of my training has occurred on the job, with learning by experience being the main method. Other formal training programmes for various management courses have provided a useful insight into the business and operations."
Graduate, Rugby
"I have attended an active leadership course, disciplinary and grievance training, a project management course and an absence management course."
Graduate, Daventry
"I think the graduate team oversells the level of support they can provide here but the formal training I have undergone in my role has been top class and I've gotten a lot out of it."
Graduate, Daventry
"The non-technical training is brilliant. I would like some more training on technical software packages, though."
"I have been extremely impressed with the amount of training I have been given, not only with the graduate scheme but also locally as part of my role. I think it's great to see that the company wants to invest in graduates and the training is a great example of where this is demonstrated."
Graduate, Manchester


"The training for graduates has been spread across the two years, which I think is a good way for us to learn, absorb and try things out in our day-to-day jobs."
Supply Chain, Graduate, Stoke on Trent
"The training programme has been really good but there could be more of it."
"As part of the graduate scheme, the training has been exceptional and has included presentation skills and delivery, project management and building a strong team."
Graduate, Daventry
"We're given training courses that are beneficial. Sometimes you are grouped with colleagues from other sides of the business whose job roles are so diverse the training module won't be relevant to all of you. However, there is always training available for anyone in the company."
Retail, Graduate, Bedford
"I think this needs to be driven by the individual. I have always received what I have asked for from a training perspective. However, we're not all aware of what's out there and what we could be trained in."
Graduate, Milton Keynes
"There are really good opportunities for training and I have been lucky enough to have a manager that encourages it."
Graduate, Nationwide


"I have been on courses around motivation, goal setting, and project management. None of the courses were particularly deep dive ones, but alongside the work I am currently doing they have been beneficial."
Graduate, London
"Currently I have improved my people management, project management and presentation skills. I haven't really put these into practice too much yet but I'm sure in the future they will come in very handy. On-the-job training could be improved slightly."
Graduate, Glasgow
"As well as the training all graduates receive in leadership, communication, presentation skills and other soft skills, I have been put through professional qualifications in project management. Many of the training programmes I have attended have resulted in me being able to apply these learnings to my day job and have helped me reflect on my development."
Graduate, Rugby
"As part of the graduate scheme there is a full training programme in place which includes skills such as presenting, project management and leadership. I also asked to go on a DHL specific course in project management which was supported by my line manager and my HR business partner with their funding."
Graduate, Daventry
"Quite a lot of development is in the form of on-the-job training - something that I am a great believer in. There is a strong training structure in place as part of the grad scheme that has been useful. General presentation skills, project management and various other areas have been good."
Graduate, Coventry
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