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Applications Engineer

Having been intrigued by using some elementary programming in my Master’s degree, I was keen to pursue a career in the IT industry. After doing some research online, I came across Dorset Software. The extensive training programme stuck out immediately and was incredibly appealing for someone with limited practical experience but a real passion for the subject.

After a couple of interviews, I was offered a position as an Applications Engineer. As this role sits between the more traditional programming and network and infrastructure engineer jobs, my first few months were spent training in a variety of topics ranging from basic network administration to managing a number of Windows products and services using PowerShell.  

Since completing training, the work I have undertaken has been just as varied. My personal highlights being automating the data management of a complex Customer Relationship Management system and writing a series of SQL scripts to extract business data from a large database. I really enjoy the fact that every day is different and that there is always a new challenge to solve.    

My primary responsibilities involve maintaining and configuring both internal and third-party products to meet key business needs. I find this aspect of my work very rewarding as it allows clients to get the most out of their software implementation and allows me to develop in-depth product knowledge at the same time.         

Dorset Software provide a relaxed and friendly environment in which to work and learn. The social side is great too, so even if you are new to the area you’ll make friends in no time!