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I joined Dstl in 2017 as a Graduate Scientist, I currently work in the explosives, trials and equipment team. I studied an MChem Chemistry with a Year in Industry degree at the University of Reading.

Since joining Dstl, I have been very fortunate in being able to be involved with a much wider range of projects than I ever thought I would be able to within my first postgraduate job! One of the highlights of working at Dstl has been the opportunity to work alongside the military and to help support their detection equipment capability. Being able to directly see how the equipment is used in theatre and how it is saving lives is pretty special!

It turns out that there is a lot of opportunities to work with other teams in Dstl. Being able to go out with the canine detection team and assist on training exercises with police and military detection dogs has been an unexpected bonus. A long day’s work is made a whole lot better if you have four-legged colleagues to cuddle at the end!

If you haven't heard a lot about Dstl before, we have contacts across both military, industry and government, both in the UK and internationally. Not many companies will be able to provide such a wide network of opportunities to interact with experts across so many fields.