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Alice Tildsley

General Manager Graduate

I thought I would apply to Eurostar’s General Manager - Graduate Programme because my mum said, ‘it sounds right up your street.’

Having spent a year of my BA English & French degree in France, I was keen to work for an international company. The 2018 programme gave me the opportunity to work in Paris, London and Lille.

Lille, I love. It is a quaint city with a multitude of students. I am currently working in the CRE, aka the heart of Eurostar’s operations, in the train control room. If there are any problems or delays with a train, the decision about what to do is made here and then communicated to everyone across the business, including the customers affected.

My project is to improve the processes taken when an incident occurs and to make these more efficient. What have I enjoyed? Everyone is extremely welcoming; from the Recruitment Team to a French Train Driver who laughs at the amount of English Breakfast tea that I drink.

Train Drivers and Train Managers share our office space, so not only do I speak with with those who make the ‘big decisions’, I communicate with individuals who are directly involved in the day to day operations. Before this, I had an interest in travel, but never a huge interest in trains.

Now I have progressed. I have been given a lot of opportunities to learn; operationally I have received station tours, shadowed Train Managers and visited Temple Mills International, Eurostar’s depot. All of which aid my understanding of the company’s foundations which is extremely valuable.

I don't know what I want to do for a career, but the graduate programme is enabling me to be completely exposed to the business: four locations, four placements and four departments. After only a few weeks, I’m already enjoying the challenge. I know I will use what I've learnt, in my future placements and career, even if that won't be something operational.

I would recommend applying, not only for the excellent travel benefits, but for personal growth and skill set development.