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"The two-case model allows for a steep learning curve and quick progression. The culture is also very close-knit and supportive. Short projects allow for lots of experiences working different-strategy cases."
Strategy, Graduate, London
"The learning opportunities across several industries."
Graduate, London
"Interesting and diverse projects. These are relatively short and therefore we get exposure to a number of different companies and industries in a short period of time."
Graduate, London
"Large variety in projects in a short time period."
Entry level, London
"Great office culture."
Graduate, London
"My colleagues are great. Very bright, motivated, interesting and genuine. I feel I learn a lot from them. The work is also interesting and, for the most part, intellectually challenging."
Strategy, Entry level, London


"The people are great, and the projects are interesting and varied."
Graduate, London
"The work culture - very supportive environment, lots of opportunities to learn and grow professionally."
Graduate, London
"The supportive environment is really its greatest advantage - we're a small office and our case teams have a collaborative feel, which really pushes me to grow and learn faster."
Graduate, London
"The great people and fun social atmosphere."
Midlevel, London
"Strong culture, highly intellectual working environment, intelligent and engaging people."
Entry level, London
"Small and tightly-knit office community with great culture. Open-plan office where junior and senior members sit next to each other. Nice and fun colleagues with plenty of social events. Entrepreneurial culture where junior member of the offices are given the initiative to take on increased levels of responsibility. Less work-related travel compared to other consulting firms - we typically work from the office. Rapid level of learning due to shorter projects and double-staffing model. Excellent compensation (both base and bonus)."
Consulting, Midlevel, London
"The people and culture. Truly fantastic group to work with - stimulating, challenging, intelligent and funny bunch."
Consulting, Graduate, London
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