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Satisfaction with Work

8.2 / 10

(based on 6 ratings in 2016)


"Daily tasks differ depending on the case. During your first year you can expect to be doing primary research (helping conduct interviews and surveys), secondary research (reading articles and reports), analysing data, creating models and putting all this information into slides."
Graduate, London
"My main responsibilities are the analysis of data collected through surveys and other primary measures as well as some from secondary sources."
Graduate, London
"As an associate, you are given a large amount of responsibility to take ownership of most of the data which directly drives the outcome of the case. Day-to-day responsibilities include performing a variety of analyses on this data, creating presentations to display the outcomes, and designing surveys to compile market data."
Entry level, London
"I am a first year associate and as such am responsible for data collection and analysis. I also contribute to team meetings and discussions about 'cracking the case'. The work is challenging, interesting and of high quality – and the relatively flat hierarchy in case teams and good office culture mean you get to contribute to the case and problem solving directly in meetings and discussions too."
Strategy, Entry level, London


"On my best day, I can be presenting data that I've been working with and brainstorming our message with the team. On my worst day, I can be collecting primary data through surveys or cold calls until very late into the night. Fortunately, our two-case model typically means that I get a variety of work to do every day, which keeps them interesting."
Graduate, London
"I work on interesting problems; our relatively short project cycle means broad exposure to lots of different problems. I also have intelligent colleagues to learn from."
Entry level, London
"As Principal, I am responsible for the overall output of a portion of the project (known as workstream). This involves structuring and analysing the problem, guiding and mentoring associates to execute the analysis, preparing and delivering presentations to clients. I receive support for solving the problem from Senior Principals and Partners. Another section of my work is related to business and practice development - which involves spearheading internal initiatives to develop Parthenon IP, and assisting senior management in external business development efforts."
Consulting, Midlevel, London
"My day-to-day work consists of Excel analysis, Google research and presentation creation."
Consulting, Graduate, London
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