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Interview: Tips & Advice


"Practice case studies."
Intern, London
"I had two rounds of case study interviews; each round involved looking at two cases. Tips: practice the case interview style and mental maths skills. Take your time with each question and answer with a clear thought pattern."
Intern, London
"I submitted a CV and cover letter and then had two rounds of interviews. The first was a pair of 30-minute case study interviews and the second was another, longer, case study followed by a CV-based interview. Parthenon give you a current associate as a mentor for the process, so make the most of them for advice on case study practice."
Intern, London
"The interview process consisted of four interviews. Three of them were case study interviews and one was a 'fit' interview. Definitely prepare for the case interviews by doing case practice."
Intern, London


"My advice is to prepare for cases but be relaxed as interviewers are extremely nice."
Intern, London
"The best advice is to practise, practise, practise!"
Intern, London
"Prepare mostly for the case interview - I was not really asked any fit questions except during the short chat with the HR manager."
Consulting, Intern, London
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