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Fidelity International

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Business Management Associate

How did you get the job and why did you choose Fidelity?

Got the job through formal graduate recruitment process. I chose Fidelity because of its reputation and as one of the key players in the asset management industry. The scheme was well structured, provides me with the chance to undertake professional qualifications and also gives a range of rotation options. 

What are your key responsibilities?

Key activities in my current role include participation in strategic initiatives, creating powerpoint decks, weekly reporting on sales and asset figures, sales support, data analysis. 

What sort of training did you get?

Received informal training during a two week induction, communication and presentation skills training and formal exam training (IOC & IMC). 

What are your highlights about the job?

Key highlights included an sustainable investing product idea project, was able to meet people from all around the business and participate in pitches to senior management. 

What do you enjoy about your job?

I enjoy the independence and responsibility I am given. 

What challenges have you faced?

In some cases with the work i have done i have been thrown into the deep end and had to undertake a really steep learning curve, understanding the range of products / channels and the ways in which different people interact with each other.