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Fidelity International

Fidelity International

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Jennifer Walker

Graduate Business Associate

I worked at Fidelity prior to successfully joining the graduate scheme - since then I've completed 5 6-month rotations, spanning Client Management, Risk Management, Project Management, People Management and Strategy. Alongside each rotation there were extra projects which were great opportunities to further develop and learn. Fidelity is a company that will always provide opportunities to those who work hard and earn them and are keen to retain and develop talent. I've always been given challenging work outside of my comfort zone, growing my confidence and knowledge in short time frames - but always with support when needed (the managers are fantastic). I've had a lot of freedom to seek out opportunities and skills I want to learn which has resulted in tailoring my own roles - setting the programme aside from more rigid formats. 

Fidelity is a fantastic company to work for and especially to someone starting their career. Fidelity has a high standard of values and actively promotes diversity and inclusion through champions who run events. It is also a company that looks to the future and is therefore an exciting place to be with regards to technology and client proposition.